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Certain simple pleasures in life can magnify and uplift even the best of days – a great cup of coffee, a sunny adventure, pets for your sweet pup, the evergreen company of your one true love. Shauna and Conner’s Iowa engagement session was perfectly complimented by all these wonderful little joys, and it was our joy here at Penny Photographics to document their beautiful day together!

If you’re busy daydreaming and planning your own engagement session, consider the benefits of a getaway outing to a new-to-you and nearby town! You can make a day – or even a weekend – of it and explore all the charms that small towns have to offer, including their surrounding natural wonders! For Shauna and Conner’s Iowa engagement session, we met the happy couple in Decorah, Iowa for a full day of adventuring around this lovely little town.


Iowa Engagement Session coffeehouse family reflection

Shhh – it’s photoshoot time!

Shauna and Conner are big fans of Brian Andreas’s Story People artwork, so we were sure to snap a shot in front of an epic mural in Decorah.

Our goal during engagement sessions is to tell a couple’s love story, so we’re always working to include our couples’ styles and interests in their adventure!

We were thrilled to meet Shauna and Conner’s pup Shiva, who joined us for our frolic through Decorah, and posed sweetly for all her family photos!

Shauna’s sister kindly volunteered to act as pup wrangler – keeping an eye on Shiva and handling her during the photoshoot, a super important job for engagement sessions that include pets! If you don’t have a relative or friend handy to help, check out Doggy Social – a Twin Cities-based vendor who works especially with you and your pets!

We hit up one of Shauna’s favorite places – The Whippy Dip – for a power snack before the next leg of our adventure! This cute little walk up soft-serve shop was hopping, one of the gems of Decorah 🙂


After exploring Decorah, we headed to the local falls for some shots against the natural beauty of Iowa river land.

These two were so cute!

Iowa Engagement Session couple against falls

Conner dipped Shauna over the lovely stone shelf falls – master this move yourself with our video on How to Dip 🙂

At the end of the day, we headed to one of Decorah’s best open secrets – the Old Stone Church, a limestone chapel built in 1873 to serve St. John’s Lutheran congregation. Nowadays, this stone church lies open to the vast skies of rural northern Iowa – a perfect spot for a romantic and epic sunset photo shoot 🙂

Iowa Engagement Session couple church portrait  

And so the sunset on a full day of adventuring and romance 🙂 We hope you enjoyed Shauna and Conner’s (and Shiva’s!) Iowa engagement session – may it be an inspiration for your own engagement planning!

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Iowa Engagement Session | Shauna & Conner


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