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Wedding season is never really over since people get married throughout the year, but we do have what is called wedding season proper and this season ended with the most amazing intimate micro wedding a photographer could ask for! Thanks, Kalli and Rashid!

Small, micro weddings are amazing for so many reasons! A micro wedding is a newer trend but can be so perfect for the couple who really want a wedding but desire a more relaxed atmosphere, smaller guest list with and simple ceremony. It’s not quite an elopement since micro weddings are usually local and the couple gives themselves time to really plan the details.

So now that you’re an expert on what it was, I’ll let you know what made this one so awesome.

First off, the location was a simple rented house facing Balsam Lake in Wisconsin in Fall which set the ambiance perfectly for Kalli and Rashid. The guest list was narrowed down to just the bride, groom and about 20 closest guests which was perfect. We got the opportunity to hang out with the family, hear some inside jokes, see the moms bond with each other and learn a lot about the couple and their story. At one point in the night, Grandpa himself was telling me stories and reminiscing as we looked at an old photo album of the bride that grandma brought as a surprise! 

Another key element was the amount of simple yet refined DIY table setting and ceremony decor they used. Honestly, when you see all of those amazing centerpieces and grand decor on Pinterest, it can get really expensive if you have 20+ tables but you can really give great attention and effort if you only have 2.  (Check out our Pinterest Guide)

One of the best moments was during the simple ceremony as Kalli’s father was walking her up the stairs outside to the DIY alter, there was no band or music so the moms and aunts started to hum and sing creating their own impromptu acapella group. Honestly, how adorable is that? (Not sure what to do during your ceremony? Don’t worry, we got you!)

All of the beauty and simplicity of this wedding was really just the added bonus to the overall emotional vibes being handed out the entire day. It was so charming to be among the chosen guests and family and document so many adorable moments and love being shared. After everyone hopped out of their wedding clothes and into their jammies to get ready for s’mores by the fire, we got lucky enough to grab one last photo of the bride and groom under an incredible night sky filled with stars. I’m telling you, if this sounds like your ideal wedding, DO IT! 


As photographers, we count ourselves among the luckiest to have the trust of our clients in documenting their most important days. As you can imagine, reviews and word of mouth are the best way for us here at Penny Photographics to succeed and continue to book amazing couples like YOU. If you have time, could you please spend a few minutes and tell others about your experience with us?

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Thanks to all the awesome vendors that helped make this micro wedding magic happen!

Caterer: Black Woods Group Catering

Micro Wedding | Kalli & Rashid

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