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Ah, the dip – a trick of the body, a move that showcases the playful, the trusting, the intimate. But the dip can also be intimidating – what if I drop my partner? What if it looks goofy?? These are valid concerns when you’ve never learned how to dip, but we’re here to tell you that the dip is for everyone! And we’re going to show you how to dip in all it’s wonderful variety.

First and foremost, the dip is about trust. You are trusting each other to work together and master the move, and once you establish that trust, you can forge ahead with confidence.

Now let’s build the perfect dip. As with most things in life, it starts with a strong foundation:

The ‘dipper’ extends one leg out into a lunge and shifts most of their weight and strength into this leg.
This is your base leg, and also why you never skip leg day!
When the ‘dip-ee’ comes in to be dipped, they can set their bottom right on your extended leg, just like they are sitting on your thigh.
With this base posture, your bigger leg muscles are doing most of the work, and your arms are able to support, cradle, or add pizzazz!
Speaking of your arms – you can cradle your partner’s back and extended leg or their arms and neck – whatever feels natural – and you can switch it up to see what looks and feels best!

Dip-ees! It may seem like you have the easy job here, right? But you’re in the most artistic position, which means you get to add a lot of the flourish! Let’s start with the basics though:

Remember to trust!

Aim your bottom for the center of your partner’s lunged thigh to more evenly distribute your weight on a strong foundation.
You also have a stabilizing leg – the leg farthest from the camera. Make sure to keep it in contact with the ground.
Depending on how deep you dip, be prepared to go into a bit of a supported backbend.
Once you’re nice and comfy, you can place your camera-facing hand on your partner’s chest or swing it out wide for a playful, full-body pose.
The same goes for your camera-facing leg. Kick that sucker out, up, or let it curl gently down for a graceful, willowy aesthetic.

Now that we’ve built the perfect dip, let’s talk types of dips:

The Baby Dip!

How to dip snow

Yes, the easiest to master and a great start for beginners. This dip only goes down a little bit and lets you both get used to the pose while creating great pictures. It doesn’t require a deep lunge or a dramatic backbend, and can help build trust and comfort!

The Deep Dip!

This is a more dramatic version of the Baby Dip or a standard dip. The lunge is deeper (feel the burn!) and the backbend is more pronounced, bringing you both closer to the ground. It makes for great photography, a wonderful practice in physical trust, and something to strive for as you and your partner improve your dipping!

The Dance to Dip!

how to dip epic

Ever popular in first dances around the world or when you’re just having fun with your partner. This dip can really start to come naturally as you master the pose, and usually (but not only!) follows a spin or acts as a closing move. Once you’re both comfortable with dipping, it’s great fun to practice dancing into a dip – maybe in the kitchen while you’re making dinner and that certain song comes on!

Bonus Tips:

Practice! It’s a pose for playfulness and intimacy, and practice is not only helpful in perfecting the move, it’s fun!
Dippers – since you will have your legs in dramatic angles, remember to empty your pockets so your phone/wallet/etc. doesn’t stick out.
Dip-ees – keep in mind the location of the camera and what you might be wearing so that you aren’t flashing your bottom to the camera ☺
Above all, don’t stress – like we said, the dip is for everyone, in whatever variation is most comfortable for you and your partner!

So now that you know how to dip – turn up the radio and try a few rounds! It’s addicting ☺

Find some dips in our adventure and wedding blogs!

The Dip is for Everyone | How to Dip | Penny Photographics

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