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For this Hudson engagement session, we get to celebrate the adventurous spirit of two lovebirds already hitched! Fun-loving couple Laura and Joe married in July of 2017 and reached out to us, as Laura shares:

“Looking for a photographer to capture that adventuresome side of us with some bridal portraits! Not the normal studio ones. But ones that are outside, among the trees, off the lake, by a waterfall, wherever hiking around takes us!”

Color us excited!! These are just the kind of adventures we at Penny Photographics love to capture – authentic expressions of a couples’ story and life together 🙂 So we met up with Laura, Joe, and their pup Luna to go exploring through Stillwater, MN and Willow River State Park for their Hudson engagement session!

One perk of a post-wedding adventure session? Getting to wear your dress 🙂

Little love bug Luna getting in on the fun!

Joe demonstrates the coolest of mini dips with Laura! One of our favorite poses – the dip is for everyone!

Hudson Engagement Session cool couple dip

Margarita buckets!!

Even Luna gets a lick 🙂

Hudson Engagement Session pup ice cream

After exploring Stillwater, we hopped across the Wisconsin border to Willow River State Park – home of Willow Falls, a beautiful waterfall oasis 🙂

One of our favorite pics of the day – a joyful couple loving every minute of each other 🙂 Laura shared a little snippet of their love story with us:

I met my husband a little over three years ago and even though at the time I didn’t know he was going to be my husband, I convinced him to go hiking with me around Lake Superior! Ever since we met, we have been an adventuresome and outdoor loving couple!” 

Hudson Engagement Session joyful couple cuddle

Laura and Joe didn’t hesitate to get their feet wet and explore the rocks and water of the falls!

Willow Falls offers a dramatic backdrop for truly epic natural shots – taking in the rocky walls, the touch of water, the moss and lichens. It brought out some of the best shots of Laura and Joe’s Hudson engagement session!

If you’d like to see more epic Willow Falls shots, check out Cortney and Jeshal’s waterfall adventure!

Hudson Engagement Session couple dramatic cliffside Hudson Engagement Session happily ever after

At the end of their adventure, Laura and Joe took some time to love on Luna! One big happy family 🙂

Thanks to Laura and Joe for taking us along on their Hudson engagement session adventure! If you’re looking to go traipsing through nature and cuddling up with your one true love, we hope this session stoked an inspirational flame in you! Let us know your favorite shots in the comments below, and remember – we are always up for another great adventure 🙂


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Hudson Engagement Session | Laura & Joe | Penny Photographics

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