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Let’s talk dogs in weddings πŸ™‚

It’s an indisputable fact that dogs are perfect angelic shoe-chewing barking balls of floof that toot rainbows of joy. And anyone who disagrees has clearly gone temporarily insane and can’t be held responsible for their beliefs!

In all seriousness, we understand that pets are family (we have four-legged family of our own). Wanting to include them in your big events is a natural extension of that special relationship. So today, this blog is all about celebrating dogs in weddings complete with tips, resources, and of course pictures of pups!

Pup Perks in Weddings

There are plenty of roles for your pups to fill!

  • First Look – Including dogs in weddings means you can include them in First Looks! We love love love this – it’s so cute!
  • Ring-bearer – if you have an extra good listener, you can secure the rings on their collar or in a well-sealed pouch, have a trusted friend release your pup at the head of the aisle, and catch them at the other end πŸ™‚
  • Flower Power – Whether they accompany your flower kiddo down the aisle or have their own elaborate wagging-powered flower dispenser system, this is a guaranteed smile-grabber!
  • Wedding Party – If you have a trusted wedding party member who is good with dogs, you could entrust your pup’s leash to their care during the ceremony.
  • Reception Guest – There’s nothing like a party with a few fluffy guests! Just make sure the wedding venue allows pets indoors πŸ™‚
  • Photo-Ops – Okay, this isn’t a role necessarily, just an awesome opportunity to get professional photos with your pups!
  • Costuming – Dogs in weddings opens up the world of…dog-sized bowties, tutus, tiny tuxes, flower garlands, ties?? Of course, it’s not a necessity – not all dogs like donning extra accessories, and that’s a-okay too!

Doggie Tips

They may be like family, but they play by their own set of rules! Okay, maybe they are exactly like family.

  • Handler – One of the most important parts of including your pet in your wedding is ensuring they are safe and happy. The number one factor here is having a trusted handler who can watch after them. This handler should be good with dogs and ideally familiar with your pets specifically. If you don’t have any family or friends you feel can fit the bill, consider hiring a kick-ass vendor like Doggy Social!
  • Exercise – It’s a good idea to give your pets some good exercise before the big event to even out their energy levels, whether that’s running around the dog park or going for a walk or a jog. You can designate your chosen handler or another trusted friend or family member who is familiar with your pup.
  • Gear – Make sure your pet has everything they need! That means leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, water, treats, food, poop bags, accident clean up supplies, and anything else your best good pup might need specifically.
  • Safe Place – Events can be overwhelming for people and for pets. Make sure you have a safe place for your pet to get away if they need it. You could set up a crate for your pet or designate a specific room like the bridal/groom suite. Include a place for them to lay down, toys, food, and water. Also, be sure to clear your plan with your venue!
  • Evacuation Plans – Make sure you know who is taking care of your pet after the wedding if you are leaving for an adventure! Also, if your venue only allows pets for the ceremony or the reception, or only outdoors, it’s a good idea to have a handler in mind who can escort your pet home when necessary.

It’s okay if…

…your pups can’t handle a big shindig! Not all pets can handle crowds or events. Maybe they are nervous nellies or don’t play well with others or just get SO EXCITED. That’s 100% okay too πŸ™‚

In these cases, you could always talk to your photographer about including your pets in your engagement session or doing a separate shoot just for you and your four-legged besties.

That’s a Wrap

We hope you enjoyed all this dog-talk and some of our favorite pup pictures πŸ™‚ Whether you decide to include your own on your big day or not, it’s good to know you have options.

Now go pet those pups!

Dogs in Weddings | Penny Photographics

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