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We got to sit down with Lara Leinen of Doggy Social MN – one of our new favorite vendors and a must-know for any pet-loving couple considering including their furry friends in their wedding. Check out the FAQ below!

Meet Lara!

Lara combines her love of dogs and passion for pets with her experience in wedding planning and coordination to create a pet-care business that helps you incorporate your furry best friends into your special moments and big days stress-free!

Lara on what inspired her:

“I wanted to bring all my creativity, bring all my wedding experience, and my passion behind the events, and knowing the vendors and the background […] I really really really enjoy making this perfect day not only for the couple but for the family.”

Q1: In a nutshell, what does Doggy Social MN do for weddings?

What don’t they do when it comes to pets? Doggy Social MN offers full spectrum and customized pet care and coordination for your wedding day and big events. This includes working actively with you and your pet before your big day to learn about your furry family’s unique needs, creating a care plan for the day of your wedding, and doing transport, care, clean up, and pet-love on the day of your event 🙂

In Lara’s own words: 

“Once you’ve hired us, your day should be as stress-free as possible […] will be your pet waiting attendant. You don’t need to worry a thing about your pup. We’ll be taking care of them and loving them from the moment we’re with them to the moment we drop them off.”

Update 3/2/20 – “We now have 5 Pet Attendants and can accommodate up to 4 weddings in a day”

Q2: Awesome! Where can we learn the basics? (contact, pricing, availability, packages, etc.)

Check out Doggy Social’s website for the most up-to-date info, and better yet – reach out to Lara by phone or email! Since every couple and pet is different, and their needs unique, it’s best to connect directly to learn all about customizing your experience.

Q3: What does working with Doggy Social  MN look like?

Great question! Working with Doggy Social MN is totally customizable based on your needs and wedding dreams, and the needs and personality of your pets, so expect a really informative and hands-on experience!

  • After booking, you’ll work directly with Lara prior to your wedding day so that she can get to know you, your pet, and your wedding ideas, and create a day-of plan to meet your needs. She also creates a Pinterest idea just for you and your pet!
  • Leading up to your event, Lara and your designated Pet Attendants will spend time with your pet to get to know them, their quirks, and what makes them special – and also so that your pet can get used to your PA and feel comfortable with her!
  • Two weeks before the wedding, you can confirm your hourly package for the day of your event, and final details will be outlined.
  • On the day of your event, Doggy Social MN will take care of all things pet-related for your wedding! This includes:
    • Transporting your pet to and from the event or other agreed-upon locations per your wedding day plan.
    • Giving your pet time to explore the venue(s) as appropriate.
    • Prepping your pet based on their needs – running off extra energy, making sure your pet is tidy, etc.
  • During your event, Doggy Social MN will be with your pet at all times and giving them 100% of their attention! Common event care includes:
    • Making sure your pet is comfortable (food, water, environment).
    • Keeping your pet safe and entertained.
    • Monitoring your pet’s interactions with other guests.
    • Picking up after your pet and keeping them clean.
  • After your event, Doggy Social MN will safely transport your pet home or complete a hand-off with another designated handler of your choice (friend, relative, etc.), and make sure all your pet’s post-wedding needs are met!

Q4: Do you only work with dogs?

Doggy Social MN works with any animal you’ve got! Lara knows that “your pet is your best friend, your baby, your everything” and works with all manner of best animal friends from your dog to your cat to your gerbil!

Q5: Do you work with big dogs or multiple pets?

Yes and yes – from tea cups to Great Danes and everything in-between!

Q6: How about transportation?

Not a worry – Doggy Social MN has you covered. Your Pet Attendant will transport to and from events and meeting places safely!

Q7: Do you have a range limit?

Any event within 60 miles is covered as a part of your booking. For events outside of 60 miles or that include interstate travel, chat with Lara about customizing your package to address those extra details!

Q8: What about pet supplies?

Excellent question! Doggy Social MN ensures that all supplies your pet will need on the day of your event are on hand so that you don’t have to worry about it. This includes water, snacks, grooming supplies, toys, leashes, waste bags, and anything special your particular pet might need 🙂

Lara also creates custom and complimentary Pinterest boards, chalkboards and an item from her “vault”, such as leashes, collars, pearl pup necklace!

Q9: Do you offer packages or hourly rates?

Pre-created hourly packages are available on their website, (though it is best to call) and all work with Doggy Social MN is based on hourly rates so that you have the flexibility to create packages unique to your needs! Know that on your big day, your event and your pet will be the only thing on your Pet Attendant’s agenda. She does not book more than one event per Pet Attendant in a day to ensure all attention is on your pet.

Q10: Will our event be the only one on your schedule?

Yes – know that on your big day, your event and your pet will be the only thing on Pet Attendnts’s agenda. DSMN does not book more than one event in a day per Pet Attendan to ensure all attention is on your pet.

Q11: What are your thoughts on pet safety?

“Their health and wellness and happiness is my number one priority!”

Doggy Social MN is fully insured and certified in pet CPR, and as part of your booking, will request and keep on hand emergency contact information, vet info, allergies, and other information relevant to your pet’s well-being and safety so that you don’t have to worry!

Q12: Why Doggy Social MN?

Working with Doggy Social MN takes the stress out of including your pet in your wedding – it’s as simple as that. Your Pet Attendant’s full attention is on your pet the whole time and she brings along everything needed to keep them happy and safe from pick up to drop off.  She will also give you a discount on your wedding package if you have her help during the adventure session!

Knowing that your pet is safe and loved during the event allows you to focus on your big day, and frees up any helpful relatives to enjoy your party! Plus, your Pet Attendant can help out during picture time to keep your pup engaged for epic and adorable pet portraits – a bonus for photographers too 🙂

Q13: What else should you know about Doggy Social MN?

She’s a big advocate for pet rescue services (her pooch Asbjorn is a rescue) and volunteers for fundraisers and rescue events. She also volunteers with Sidewalk Dog. She also donates 5% of her proceeds with Doggy Social MN to pet and animal organizations (of the clients choice … so awesome!)

Q14: Not a question, but some fun behind the scenes!

Q15: And finally, what’s your number one tip to help pups behave?

Easy – treats and patience!

We at Penny Photographics might add passion – which Lara has in droves 🙂


A special thanks to Lara with Doggy Social MN for grabbing coffee with us and sharing about her awesome business!

Doggy Social MN | Vendor FAQ

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