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Are you a dog-lover? Do you have one, two, three dogs?? Do you want them ALL in your engagement pictures?! Well, then – you’ve come to the right place. An engagement with multiple dogs is a specialty of ours, because here at Penny Photographics, not only do we LOVE dogs, we have three of our own!

An engagement with multiple dogs can seem a little tricky or intimidating at first, but there are plenty of pro-tips that can make it super fun and super practical! Let’s run through a few ☺

  • First, make sure you’ve got the gear down! All your furry friends should have appropriate collars, leashes, harnesses, etc. for their safety your convenience!
  • Consider enlisting a friend! They can act as your ‘wrangler’ to help handle the pups, and they can take them home after your furry friends have had their closes up, to free you up for more pictures!
  • Treats, treats, treats – a few treats in your pocket can go a long way to help your pups be on their best(ish) behavior!
  • Bring them early or go for a quick pre-picture walk! Show up a little early to let your furry friends sniff around and get used to the place, or take them on a quick little walk beforehand to let out a little energy!
  • And finally – relax! They’re dogs! They’re going to be a little crazy. Half the fun is all the goofy, spazzy pictures we get out of them anyway ☺

With that in mind, take a look at Sandra and Nick’s super fun engagement with multiple dogs! These are some real cutie-pies!


Friends for a long while, Sandra got an interesting text message from Nick when she was stationed in Germany.
The story goes something like Nick asking, “Wanna get married?” and Sandra saying something along the lines of, “hell yeah I do” – or at least that’s how I heard the story!


Look at pro-dip! If you’d like to learn how to perfectly execute this awesome move, check out our blog here!





Now happily in Colorado, the couple and their three adorable dogs came down to get hitched in front of family and friends (check out their wedding here!) so I got the chance to capture them and their puppy-doos before their wedding weekend.

engagement with multiple dogs



Oh dogs…oh dog owners…they’re the best!

Engagement with Multiple Dogs | Sandra & Nick | Penny Photographics

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