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Waterfall Engagement

If you love nature and water and texture and light and green – we have the blog for you! Cortney and Jeshal’s waterfall engagement took the cake on gorgeous backdrops and an adventurous couple willing to get their feet wet. The outcome? Timeless shots that juxtapose love and adventure with the natural beauty of a waterfall oasis.

Willow River State Park is located just across the Wisconsin border near Stillwater, MN – an easy drive from the Twin Cities through scenic river country. The Falls are one of the big draws for this venue, but the park has tons of trails and scenic spots for photography as well as an adventure! And while it does cost to park there, it’s well worth it – not only for pictures, but just to enjoy the Falls themselves. It’s the perfect spot to make a day of your adventure by having a picnic, going on a hike, or exploring nearby Stillwater 🙂


Cortney rocked a red dress which stood out superbly against the natural backdrop of the falls!

waterfall engagement couple red dress

This adorable duo met one summer while working at the Genghis Grill together:

We were together the whole summer but then I left for two years to live in Spain. We’ve been together ever since I moved back home permanently.” 

waterfall engagement couple under waterfall

A waterfall engagement made perfect by going under the falls for some epic shots!

If you’d like to see more great shots of a Willow Falls, have a look at Laura and Joe’s post-wedding nature adventure 🙂

These two weren’t afraid to get a little messy playing in the falls, which made for some of our favorite shots ever.

Jenna shared their adorable proposal story with us:

We were in the Dominican Republic! We watched the Vikings game with the Minneapolis Miracle and then went to the beach afterwards and Jeshal proposed!” 

waterfall engagement couple mossy wall

A perk of a waterfall engagement? Amazing natural texture and color!

waterfall engagement couple against rock wall

Cortney and Jeshal were masters of the dip – which just keeps proving our theory that the dip is for everyone (including you!).

waterfall engagement couple dipping by falls

We had a blast with Cortney and Jeshal. Hopefully, you found some natural inspiration for your own engagement planning, and if you’re interested in a waterfall engagement, we love to travel 🙂

Share your favorite shot in the comments below or spin us a tale of your own romantic adventures – we’d love to hear from you!


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Waterfall Engagement | Cortney & Jeshal | Penny Photographics

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