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Couple by a frozen waterfall

Winter is a fickle beast, especially in Minnesota; however this North Shore winter engagement was the absolute dream scenario and gave us the perfect winter scene for an epic adventure session.

The best way to have an amazing adventure session is to be flexible and go with the flow. Winter and weather does what it wants and the only thing you can control is how much fun you have with your significant other.

Lucky for us, Sam and Wes nailed it! We trekked through Gooseberry falls in Two Harbors through the fresh snow, frozen waterfalls and icy terrain and captured some adorable and amazing moments and images.

After we conquered the winter vibe, Sam switched to her classy black evening gown and after we fueled up with carbs and beers, we went to a small spot of the North Shore to end the night with an epic fire photo that was as fun to create as it is awesome to look at!

From ice to fire, this North shore winter engagement went from one extreme to the other all the while maintaining the best part of all adventure sessions, a candid couple who enjoys each other’s company and isn’t afraid to get their feet wet or frozen!

Couple by a frozen waterfall
Couple snuggling by a frozen waterfall

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The North Shore is also a great place to get hitched!

Check out Marissa and Kyle’s wedding at the Greysalon Ballroom, or the lovely Adam and Paige‘s wedding at Glensheen mansion , or this Northshore wedding Pier B .

North Shore Winter Engagement

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