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When you get engaged up at the notorious Two harbors Minnesota, the rule of decorum states, you MUST go back and include an epic Two Harbors engagement session.

Well, as Melani and Alexis did get engaged at Two harbors in North shore Duluth, we started our adventure with some hiking, cave cuddling, and over-all good fun having.

I will go ahead and leave out the part where we got to the upper falls area and I realized I had left my flash trigger in the car, forcing my lovely and amazing husband to run back and get it before we proceeded. Instead, I will move on to how wonderful the day was to go chasing waterfalls with two awesome ladies in love.

As I’ve mentioned before, when you’re in Duluth, you MUST take photos of the lift bridge so after we did our obligatory kick-ass photos at sunset among the boardwalk area of the lift bridge, we found our way to the Electric Fetus record store because oh yes, Melani is a music nerd of the best order. She even debuted a Mel-original at their wedding. (Check out their wedding here)

As fate would have it, while parking super far away from the record store, thanks Duluth construction!, I happened upon this majestic red phoenix artwork on a wall and instantly started drooling over the possibilities. Our easy-going brides were just as excited about the mural as we were and indulged us in performing some karate-chopping, high kicking, ballet swan moves. All tuckered out from our day of being so amazing and adventurous, we ended with some romantic style engagement photos amongst the lovely lighting at Wild State Cider brewery. 

An adventurous day indeed! And as always, our favorite part was  getting to know new fun-loving, adventure-filled, non-conforming people in love.

Two Harbors Engagement Session
Ring detail Two Harbors Engagement Session
Cave cuddles Two Harbors Engagement Session
Figuring out the hiking trail Two Harbors Engagement Session
Running on the trail Two Harbors Engagement Session
Being in the color Two Harbors Engagement Session
Fun at the electric fetus


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Two Harbors Engagement Session | Alexis & Mel

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