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Our clientele love breweries. I think it’s because if you live in Minnesota the abundance of craft breweries alone compels you to love them. There are so many great brewery wedding ideas possible with the craft brewery vibe it would make sense that our laid back brides and grooms would fit right in with the whole scene when planning their wedding.   

Oftentimes we have our couples choose to stop by one of their top breweries during an adventure session/engagement session to grab a drink and to have us document them in their natural environment. 

The benefit of brewery weddings is obviously the atmosphere. When you want to plan a wedding that reflects you and your partner, the mood of a brewery can really hit the mark. Here is a great example of a Lakes and Legends wedding that combined elegant with the classic brewery vibe.

In the twin cities, most breweries will have a rustic feel with warm yellow lighting, wooden casks, and reflective metal throughout. 

In the right photographers hands, this makes for some amazing photo opportunities. However the best reason to have a brewery wedding is because it fits you and your partner’s relaxed and fun style.

Brewery wedding ideas

Brewery wedding ideas
Brewery wedding ideas
Brewery wedding ideas
Check out Lakes and Legends for your wedding!
Brewery wedding ideas
Visit Pryes brewery for your adventure session break time beer!
Or head to Bad Weather Brewing for their amazing atmosphere
Brewery wedding ideas

Brewery wedding ideas

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