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Paige, Adam, and Wrigley, family fur-ever:

Adam and Paige, who currently live in Washington, DC, were born and raised in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Their adventure began while Paige was attending college in Eau Claire about 8 years ago.  Years later they welcomed an adorable Boston Terrier fur-baby in their lives.  In fact, it was Wrigley (affectionately named after the Cubs Stadium) that played a key part in the proposal!  Adam and Wrigley worked together to surprise Paige with the ring secured on his collar.

Fast forward to June 24th,  2017 in Duluth, MN where the lucky couple got ready for their Glensheen Mansion Wedding!  Adam, Wrigley, and his closest buds got their tie-game figured out and celebrated with a toast (Wrigley stood watch and made sure things didn’t get too crazy).  Down the hall, a few floors up, Paige and her gal-pals enjoyed some bubbles!

Paige and Adam wedding dog

Paige and Adam wedding getting ready Paige and Adam wedding getting ready Paige and Adam wedding dog toast

Paige and Adam wedding bubbles

Then it was off to Glensheen Mansion!

While Paige dazzled us in her dress, the fella’s were off having fun, skipping stones.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that photo ends up being the cover for their album! 🙂

Paige and Adam wedding wedding dress

Paige and Adam wedding skipping stones

Time for the first look!

That’s the face of a guy who knows the best days of his life are right before him.  Paige was simply stunning, and their excitement for the day continued to grow, as they were off to make it official!

Paige and Adam wedding first look

It was time for Wrigley to suit up!

Now that is a dapper doggy! We grabbed a quick family shot and then it was off to the ceremony, taking full advantage of the class and beauty of a Glensheen Mansion Wedding.  You’ll notice the laughter from Paige and her mom, as there were some issues walking up the steps.  Who knew wedding gowns were difficult to walk around in?

Paige and Adam wedding dapper doggie Paige and Adam glensheen mansion wedding Paige and Adam wedding rings

After the ceremony, it was time for noms, speeches, and dancing!

Well, technically, we stole the couple away for a couple of fun shots in the “Green Room”, but then it was back to speeches and dancing!

  Paige and Adam wedding first dance

After their first dance, it was time to catch that sunset!

Since it was not easy to run off in heels, Paige opted for a shoeless sunset. They ran off towards the beach and admired the colorful sky reflecting off the lake, and then settled down by the fire and reflected on their amazing Glensheen Mansion wedding day.

Paige and Adam wedding sunset Paige and Adam wedding sunset glensheen mansion wedding

I also want to make sure to give love to others that contributed to this wonderful wedding adventure:

  • Regina (“Reggie”) Christensen from Glensheen Mansion (Venue)  This place was GORGEOUS and the staff were incredible.
  • Duluth Grill (Catering)  The food was delicious!
  • Double Play (Music)  Music selection was great and I love live bands!

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Glensheen Mansion Wedding | Paige & Adam | Penny Photographics

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