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The best part about really getting to know our clients through Adventure sessions, brewery dates, etc is that when the wedding rolls around it really is as if we are photographing a friend’s wedding which just puts the day on a whole other level of fun. We had the opportunity to drag Hayley and Steve around Willow falls, Edwards Dessert Kitchen, and The Stone Arch Bridge for their adventure session so we already had a pretty good idea of how adorable they were going to be when the big day came. 

Well take that ideal scenario and place it within a gorgeous vineyard in Dellwood Minnesota and you have yourself a winning 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding. 

Now, without making every blog centered around this on-going global pandemic, it is worth mentioning because despite the pandemic, moving into a new house, and studying for the actuarial exam (Hayley) these two pulled off a beautiful outdoor vineyard wedding. 

The 7 Vines Vineyard and Winery venue was a dream to photograph with many acres of rolling vines, manicured gardens, weather-friendly pergola, and most importantly a super friendly staff to help the day go smoothly. Throughout the day we were able to take Hayley and Steve and walk amongst the rows of green and capture some really lovely examples of the charming duo.

At the beginning of the day, I asked both Hayley and Steve separately what they were most excited about for, and they both said the first look- and while documenting it I could see why. Just being submerged in their true fondness for one another was uplifting. Throughout the day was filled with cute glances, sweet smiles, and adoring looks between these two and was even topped off with a shower of champagne bubbles.

Hayley and Steve, you nailed it. You officially win wedding day and I’m so glad we got to capture the day for you. Cheers!

bride getting ready 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
bride getting ready 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
bride reading note 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
groom portrait 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
bride portrait 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
first look 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
dad crying ceremony 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
ceremony 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
mom at ceremony 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
ceremony 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
signing wedding license 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
seeing grandpa 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
7 Vines Vineyard Wedding
end of night 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding

Tell us your story! How did you meet? Who asked who out?

Although we both attended the University of St. Thomas with the same major, being two years apart our paths never crossed until we met at work and for the first 3.5 years of working at the same company we were only 10 ft away from each other. Hayley’s supervisor asked Steven to grab coffee with Hayley since he was one of the only younger associates in the department. After this first meet, Steven found out Hayley enjoyed drinking tea so over the next 5 months he picked up the habit and we would have little tea dates which consisted of walking to the other side of the floor to get our hot water for tea. Finally, he got the courage to ask her out and the rest was history. Steven took a new job in January and is now one floor away. We diminish this newfound separation anxiety through walks once or twice a day in the skyways of St Paul or hop outside when it’s nice and sometimes stroll the farmers market for flowers or figuring out what we should make for dinner (we LOVE doing eggplant parmesan)

How did the proposal go?

Steven planned a trip to Puerto Rico over Hayley’s birthday (Valentine’s Day) this year, as both a winter getaway and with the ulterior motive of proposing. He planned on doing it during a hike in the rainforest and plenty other times that were all thwarted. Finally on the last full day in Puerto Rico (2/15) when we had to get up earlier for a boat cruise out to Flamenco Beach, we went down to the beach to catch sunrise on the ocean. As Hayley took a panoramic photo of the ocean, Steven was able to pull himself together and as she finished her circle was on knee proposing and Hayley let out a little scream!!

Lastly, we want to thank all the awesome vendors that helped make this 7 Vines Vineyard Wedding magic happen!

Hair/Makeup – Revive Salon

Caterer/Cake – Stonehouse

Flowers – Laurie LeClair (Flore Inspired)

Dress – A&Be Bridal

Groom’s Suit – Savvi

Coordinator – Lorah Palmer (7 Vines Winery)

Bar – 7 Vines Winery

DJ – (Obi Okeke) Instant Request

7 Vines Vineyard Wedding | Hayley & Steven

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