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Haley and Steve had one of those fall engagement sessions that I was a little jealous of. Earl and I are big fans of waterfalls and have spent some time finding good ones in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our goal was to find a waterfall not only to photograph but ones that are fun to play in. So when you get to put your hands together with Willow Falls it has quickly become our favorite.

Thus, having a playful couple like Haley and Steve go play in the cold, but not too cold, water yielded some pretty epic photos that I would love to have as a human hanging on my wall to make all my friends jealous.

Once the first epic part of the adventure was complete, we rewarded ourselves with a classic Haley and Steve date night at the Edwards Dessert Kitchen. Seriously, having a drink and dessert after conquering the great outdoors is exactly how we imagine an adventure session going!

But wait, there’s more!

Since we were so close to the glorious St Anthony main and downtown Minneapolis, we just HAD to trek over the bridge and take some photos and why not? Even though photos on the pedestrian bridge of the Stone Arch Bridge has been done a million times, this is Haley and Steve’s town and this was the classic shot. Redundancy has never been a problem with any other famous bridge or structure throughout the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s “been done before”. If it’s a part of your city or town, and if it’s important to you and it makes you happy, then gosh-darn-it we are going to throw some light on you and make it look amazing!

Since everyone was being so grand the entire day, we went ahead and called in a colorful sunset for these two cool kids and snuck them off to Lake of the Isles for just a few more photos to prove how stunning they looked individually and adorable they are together.

Adventure session success!

couple playing in front of waterfall for fall engagement
Waterfall and couple fall engagement
couple in front of waterfall fall engagement
dip in the waterfall
fall engagement
fall engagement photo of couple
under a waterfall fall engagement
fall engagement
stone arch bridge fall engagement
colors of a fall engagement
fall engagement


As photographers, we count ourselves among the luckiest to have the trust of our clients in documenting this fall engagement session. As you can imagine, reviews and word of mouth are the best way for us here at Penny Photographics to succeed and continue to book amazing couples like YOU. If you have time, could you please spend a few minutes and tell others about your experience with us?

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Fall Engagement Session | Haley & Steve

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