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Sometimes I’m just jonesing for one of those eclectic outdoor barn glam weddings that are filled with adorable children and best yet, doggos running amuck throughout the day.  Well, as luck would have it, I got my fix with Katelyn and Brett’s Brule River Barn Wedding! 

So let’s break it down! Earl and I arrived in Brule, WI to set our eyes on the quaint and adorable property of the Brule River Barn. This venue has so much charm, it just washed over us as we wandered around taking it all in. 

Afterward, we were greeted by the dogs of honor which were Ryu on the groom’s side and Herbie on the bride’s side. Honestly, every wedding should have a few dogs and I’m sticking by this declaration. Dressed to impress, both pups were rocking their little tie and bowtie respectively. They did their best to be adorable and alert throughout the day and make sure their “hoomans” made it down the aisle.

The last-summer wedding day flew by with nieces and nephews every which way being adorable as could be striking poses and smiles.
The party continued throughout the night with dancing, bouquets, and sparklers from the wedding party and even topped off with a bonfire! 

I’m telling you, this wedding had it all! And, as always, the best part of the day was the pleasure of working with and documenting such laid-back and fun loving people like Katelyn and Brett as they declared, “hey we did the thing!” 

So cheers to the happy couple and their fur babies! 

bride getting ready with dog Brule River Barn Wedding
first look Brule River Barn Wedding
wedding party Brule River Barn Wedding
dad hug bride Brule River Barn Wedding
dog and dress Brule River Barn Wedding
couple portrait with dogs Brule River Barn Wedding
Brule River Barn Wedding
Brule River Barn Wedding
cake cut Brule River Barn Wedding
kids playing at Brule River Barn Wedding
end of night show Brule River Barn Wedding
flower toss Brule River Barn Wedding
end of night fire Brule River Barn Wedding
Brule River Barn Wedding

Tell us your story! How did you meet? Who asked who out?

We had common friends and had met a few times over the past few years but it wasn’t until we ended up living next to each other that we were able to really get to know one another. We realized we had a lot in common and both had young dogs. I asked his parents if I could put a fence up with theirs so my dog (Herbie) would have a fenced in yard. Then his dog (Ryu) would be able to come over a play. He started waving beers over the fence that was dividing the yards and that’s how he became the “Hot Neighbor Boy.” Then we started having fires together as his parents welcomed Herbie and I to their yard. We started hanging out every evening having campfires. Eventually Brett joined my friends and I out to the bars and we never separated after that. Brett moved over to my side of our yards and less than a year later we bought a house together. We love our little family we have built with us and our boys, who have become best friends/brothers over the time together.

How did the proposal go?

I had been teasing Brett about wanting some bling on my hand for some time. Then one random Tuesday I had class after work and did not get home until late evening. I went to my living room to relax for the night. Then the boys (Herbie and Ryu) came running upstairs and I noticed that Ryu had a shirt on and Herbie was wearing a bandana. Once I realized that shirt said “Will you marry my daddy.” and Herbies bandana said “My humans are getting married” Brett was on one knee and proposed.

Tell us more about your fur babies!

OMG WE LOVE OUR DOGS! I have Herbie, a sharpei shepard, who is a love bug (he is not named after Herbie the love bug but after my grandpa) that is afraid of everything except when he is playing frisby. His favorite things are frisby, running free when we go camping and cuddles (on his time and mood). Herbie’s a bit of a loner and would rather be independent than be around people. Then there is Ryu, pitbull/rottweiler/german shepard, who is our protector and has to be into everything. He is very nosey and has has to be part of the action. Ryu loves chew bons and to be at your side. Ryu has more engery than we could ever have. He is a sweet and playful pup once he feels that he can trust you. Our two dogs couldn’t be any more different from one another but they act just like brothers. They play like brothers, hang out like brothers and pick on each other like brothers. They sre both turning 3 years old thus summer. We love our boys and could never emagine life without them.

Lastly, we want to thank all the awesome vendors that helped make the Brule River Barn Wedding magic happen!

Hair/Makeup – Uptown Salon

Caterer/Cake – Rich Cuisine

Flowers – Sams Florist

Dress – Christain Lane

Groom’s Suit – Jims Formal Wear

Officiant – Kelly Thimm – Douglas County Judge

Bar – Laurie Middleton

DJ – Josh Maynard

A Brule River Barn Wedding | Katelyn & Brett

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