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The term “winter wedding” gives connotations of snow, fleece, plaid scarves, and a sense of coziness. It also suggests that Winter weddings are during the winter months; which, if you live in Minnesota doesn’t really mean much, does it? So for this blog, we are going to assume that COLD weddings are synonymous with winter weddings.

However, if you’re planning and wishing for a “winter” wedding then you’re probably hoping for snow, bold colors to contrast with the white space, warm accents with lights and fires, etc. the whole works.

So let’s polar plunge in:

Some benefits of a winter wedding are:

  • Less busy time of year
  • Cozy and romantic
  • Keep the guest list small
  • Off season discounts vendor discounts
  • A different look than a “typical” spring or summer wedding 


  • Temperature! 
  • Unpredictable weather can make planning a tad tricky 
  • Shorter days
  • Less outdoor opportunity
  • Have to find the right venue


  • Wear tights under those dresses! (You’d be surprised what all of those layers of tulle etc can hide! Be warm and wear tights!)
  • Have secondary boots or outdoor shoe apparel for walking around in the snow/keeping warm
  • BLANKETS! All the blankets and scarves
  • Have matching or themed covers for your wedding party people in dresses to keep them warm
  • Hand warmers galore! Paws get cold 
  • Have venue set up heaters or provide additional ones on your own for outside gathering time
  • Plan for a short day because the sunset is much sooner than those warmer summer days, plus there’s a time change somewhere in those colder months 
  • If you’re still having a ceremony outdoor, plan for a short one! Don’t make guests freeze too much
  • Get flowers that can handle the cold 
  • Schedule more time during portraits to account for all of the starting and stopping of portraits to keep noses warm
  • Be sure to help guide those out of town guest not accustomed to colder weather 
  • Have a destination winter wedding elsewhere! Perhaps, on a beach!

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Thinking of the last tip to travel warmer for your wedding? 

We travel!

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