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An adventure into the snowy forest of Minnesota.

Anne and Will are who I call the Texas couple because they traveled from the great south to live up here with the rest of us Southern trans-plants 😀
Finally it is April and everyone who lives in Minnesota is ready for spring and happy to be free of the snow; however, Will and Anne’s adventure took place among the snow covered  landscape of one of Minnesota’s gorgeous parks of Lake Elmo. It was one of the rare days when the snow was fresh and gorgeous yet the temperature was bearable enough to run outside and play, so that’s exactly what we did! Even more fitting was the fact that Will actually proposed to Anne when they were on a different adventure in ICELAND! So it was only fitting that these two southern love birds took it to the snow to tell their love story since ice and snow is where the engagement began.

Now, usually my couples don’t get quite this dressed up for an outside snow-session, but Anne wanted to look and feel glamorous and really pop against her surrounding and she totally did! Not only was she absolutely beautiful in her long blue dress, but then she spiced it up and threw on a red gown to end the day!
She had snow in her shoes and didn’t care which is why I love her. Will and Anne are just that type of “happy to be living in the moment,” type of couple and I can’t get enough 😀

This is what an adventure session is all about! Getting out, dressing up and saying, “Damn, we look good!”

Anne and Will’s | Winter Adventure session | Minnesota


  1. Nicole Caudle

    April 19th, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Their photos are beautiful! How cool to get engaged in Iceland!!

  2. pennyphotographics

    April 19th, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    I know right? Iceland is on my travel list!

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