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I know technically when writing about this Van Dusen Mansion Wedding for a wedding blog you’re supposed to focus on the good stuff… right? Everything looked wonderful and the day was perfect? Well, that’s not quite real life and honestly, one of the notable things about Kaitlin and Robbie’s wedding wasn’t just how amazingly awesome the staff and venue were at the Van Dusen or how fantastically epic Kaitlin’s mohawk was, but rather that poor groom Robbie arrived sick! But it’s not so much that he wasn’t in perfect health that day, it’s that it didn’t ruin anything. That’s right. Shocker! The show must go on, and it did, and they rocked it.

It was a perfect reminder that weddings are just the introduction into a marriage that is filled with surprises, sickness, and bad days turned good by your favorite person. It was a reminder that life happens and that our attitudes and reactions to situations form the outcome. Luckily, it just so happens that Robbie’s amazing happy-go-lucky sucks I’m sick but I’m here and I’m happy about it attitude combined with Kaitlin’s whelp, what can ya do except look awesome and be awesome attitude really helped conquer the wedding day itself and took it back to the whole point of the damn thing anyways- getting married! Being surrounded by family! Eating donuts! All of the good stuff life is made up of. 

So, as planned,

The theme of the wedding was essentially having a big house party/soiree and inviting all their favorite friends and family…with a little bit of wedding ceremony and topped with some chicken dancing.

The Van Dusen Mansion was the perfect setting for this, providing a warm and cozy shelter from the winter scene outside, filled with many rooms to wander through and art to pursue. The guests were all dolled up in gorgeous attire and looked like they all were a part of the historical mansion or could have been playing an epic game of Clue. Either way, everyone was in good fashion and spirits including my new favorite person Grandma who was honored as a flower girl, tossing cutout snowflakes down the aisle.

For wanting a non-traditional wedding, I have to mention that overall, getting married on a winter day, with a historic mansion dusted in snow creating a whimsical feel, wearing a blue dress that looked like a godmother bestowed it upon you, battling the sickness dragon and conquering the day with the power of a good attitude and love, you might have just accidentally had yourself a perfect fairytale wedding.

talking with officiant Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
getting ready Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
writing vows Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
detail Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
cufflinks Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
bridal portrait Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
snowy day Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
Upstairs Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
ceremony Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
ring exchange Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
reception Van Dusen Mansion Wedding
speech Van Dusen Mansion Wedding


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Thanks to all the awesome vendors that helped make the Van Dusen Mansion Wedding magic happen!

Venue: Van Dusen Mansion

Catering: Mintahoe

Flowers: Bellagala (Leslie)

DJ: Bellagala (Andrew)



Hair and MakeupLuminous Beauty

DONUTS!Thirsty Whale

Van Dusen Mansion Wedding | Kaitlin and Robbie

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