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It’s probably crazy to think that one of my favorite photos from this playful engagement session is the one where Chris and Carolyn are spiritedly swinging my step ladder like a child down the paved park path. 

From a photography and composition standpoint, this is a very weird and unusual photo but this image so perfectly captured the joy I had while photographing these two! It was a total blast to watch people be authentically silly with each other because that’s how I see me and Earl. 

So for this playful adventure session, we started out at Silverwood Park with two adorable people and one ridiculously adorable dog named Lily. Shout out to Carolyn’s mom for attending as the Lily wrangler (tips on dogs on adventure session)

After we watched as Lily enjoyed herself rolling through the tall grass, who wouldn’t?! 

Chris and Carolyn frolicked on to embrace the amazing light we were having that day. 

If you were wondering if there was a leaf flight during this gorgeously golden fall session, the answer is absolutely! It was a strong battle between two lovers that ended in Carolyn being the gracious victor.

We then up and wandered around the Mill City Ruins area and Stone Arch/ St Anthony Main to contrast some of the nature park photos with some epic city life photos. 

As expected, Chris and Carolyn nailed that part too. Embracing the cold wind and each other, these two turned out some amazing engagement photos that I myself am jealous of!

dog being Playful Engagement Session
running in Playful Engagement Session
Playful Engagement Session
Playful Engagement Session
leaf fight Playful Engagement Session
swinging ladder Playful Engagement Session
Playful Engagement Session

Tell us your story! How did you meet? Who asked who out?

We started talking on Tinder, after talking for a week Carolyn asked Chris to meet up for coffee. We met at a little shop in Minneapolis. We sat and talked for a really long time; it seemed like we had inside jokes from the second sentence we each spoke. After many life changing times (changing careers, going through graduate schools, moving to different states for 3 years) we stuck through it all and grew stronger together. We are excited to continue this crazy adventure called LIFE with all the gross gushy emotion that come with being in love and committed to each other.

How did the proposal go?

Chris planned a date to go ice staking on CHF field in Saint Paul. On the third time around the rink, Chris stopped Carolyn on the side and asked her to marrying him (getting down on one knee in skates comes easy to Canadians, they are born on the ice).

If you have a fur baby can you tell us more about them?

Lily is an adorable, goofy, fluffy, clumsy, cuddly, and strange puppy. She loves every single human she meets. When sleepy she likes to go limp and never wants to move. When hyper she goes nuts running in circles 50 million times.

Playful Engagement Session | Carolyn & Chris

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