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We are always seeking out clients who can dance like no one’s watching, take joy in being silly together, who will have a leaf fight in late fall and try and crush each other during a simple game of Hive. Well, luckily we found another one of these awesome care-free couples in Melynda and Jon. Our brides and grooms are always giving us fair warning that they are “awkward” in front of the camera and I’ll have to admit there’s just no such thing. You are who you are and all you have to do is be exactly that and we will capture it and make it look awesome-sauce.

Since Melynda and Jon loved both architecture and nature, we stayed within the Minneapolis downtown area where you luckily can get both. A St. Anthony Main engagement session always provides great locations for this since the Mill City Ruins area and Stone Arch Bridge scratch that texture historic itch. Plus, you can throw a stick in any direction and find a good park with some of that nice fall foliage everyone goes gah-gah over. So alas, we meandered around the Guthrie, down through the Mill City Ruins, played around the Stone Arch Bridge, then took a break with some board games and beers, at Pryes brewery, where we introduced Melynda and Jon to a buggy version of chess called Hive. All of this was fuel for the end of the journey which led to a leaf battle-royale and a terrific sunset at Boom Island Park. 

Now, while I don’t remember who won the game of Hive or who conquered who in the foliage fight, I feel like spending the day with awesome people yielding in some bad-assery photos we all ended up winners 😀

Any good brewery board-game suggestions? Let us know in the comments!

piggy back ride at St. Anthony Main Engagement Session
fun at the bridge St. Anthony Main Engagement Session
playing games at St. Anthony Main Engagement Session
playing Hive St. Anthony Main Engagement Session
leaf fight St. Anthony Main Engagement Session
raining leafs St. Anthony Main Engagement Session
St. Anthony Main Engagement Session
Sunset St. Anthony Main Engagement Session
city shot St. Anthony Main Engagement Session
end of night St. Anthony Main Engagement Session


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St. Anthony Main Engagement Session | Melynda & Jon

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