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puppy shadow summer engagement session

A little bit of everything was in this summer engagement session with Kristen and Josh,  starting with the ever so talented puppy named Ruth. Part Great Dane, part magical creature, Ruth gave us a show of energy and slobber as we pranced around the park next to 3rd act brewery dodging the amazingly bright sunshine. 

With our sunglasses on, we let Ruth guide us a bit and allowed us to capture what it’s like to have a fur-baby in the family. She did such a great job that we even won an award from this amazing shadow/silhouette image from the talented Fearless Photography group. (Want to include your pet in your wedding?)

After our puppy jaunt, we felt we deserved some inside and beer time so naturally, we went to Portside in Stillwater to get to know Kristen and Josh better. After Kristen regaled us with the difference between frogs and toads we hopped (see what I did there) on over to the historic courthouse because after all, these two love-frogs are lawyers and their meet-cute story started at law school.

Playfulness led to the real adventure time as we ended with a trek to the Willow Falls area to get some of those epic shots we are so fond of creating for our engaged couples. After that we finally made it to Mordor so we could throw the ring into the firey pit and conquer evil…wait, no…that was a totally different long adventure. None the less, this adventure engagement session was pretty in-depth and awesome. 

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Summer Engagement Session | Kristen & Josh

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