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Ah, a Stone Arch Bridge engagement – a fixture of the Minneapolis landscape and one of the most popular adventure spots in the city. Located just on the edge of the city branching the Mississippi River, this pedestrian thoroughfare connects two shores teaming with Twin Cities culture and offers unparalleled views of downtown Minneapolis.

For these reasons and more, a Stone Arch Bridge engagement is pretty popular with couples and even for bridals and wedding portraits! As a photographer, this popularity presents a special opportunity to really exercise our creativity in consistently creating new, unique, and timeless shots. It’s a challenge of the best sort, and we at Penny Photographics love to rise to the occasion!

For this epic Stone Arch Bridge engagement, we captured the motion and energy of the city against the mighty Mississippi and its sun-dappled shores, the fun and flirty personalities of Katelyn and Austin, and the antics of their adorable pup Opie! It has just about everything you could want from a lovely and romantic evening in Minneapolis, and we’re super excited to share these shots with you!

Enjoy 🙂

Stone Arch Bridge Engagement couple against the city

One of our favorite shots of the day – Katelyn and Austin set against the backdrop of a city in motion!

Stone Arch Bridge Engagement under the bridge

Here we caught Katelyn and Austin dipping by the shores of the river, creating a lovely silhouette against the blue of a Minnesota sky!

If you’d like to learn how to create the perfect dip, check out our blog on How to Dip!

Power Couple!

Ah, yes! If you’re getting tired of the same old game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, try out Ninja-Hunter-Bear!


Another favorite of ours, and an award-winning shot – thanks Katelyn and Austin 🙂

If you’re curious about our other award-winning shots, check out our Awards Week Blog, where we celebrate our amazing clients – those unfailingly awesome people who help us make photo-magic!


A Stone Arch Bridge engagement isn’t complete without a combination shot – river, sky, and romance beneath the arches!

Then we got to play with Opie in the park! Beware: this pooch will steal your heart!

Opie giving the camera little side-eye sass!


Opie looking dapper and leading the way!


The wildflowers were blooming for Katelyn and Austin 🙂


We hope you enjoyed Katelyn and Austin’s Stone Arch Bridge engagement! Leave us a comment about your favorite shot, and let us know your own favorite place to go near the Stone Arch Bridge – we can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

Stone Arch Bridge Engagement | Katelyn & Austin | Penny Photographics

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