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All Adventures should have Fun People, Amazing Sunsets, and Animal Crackers!

Ben and Shari’s adventure Guthrie engagement started by paying homage to Minneapolis, which meant spending a lovely evening at the Guthrie. As soon as we arrived, it was easy to see that the self-described “quirky” couple’s playfulness was out in full force. Laughter and love were in abundance and easy to capture, whether it was a spontaneous game of thumb war or a stroll, hand in hand, through the park.

Ben and Shari guthrie engagement Ben and Shari Guthrie Theater Ben and Shari Guthrie Theater guthrie engagement Edit Ben and Shari Guthrie Theater guthrie engagement silhouette Ben and Shari Guthrie Theater Thumb War Ben and Shari Guthrie Theater

Next up on our adventure of Minneapolis, it was time to meet their fur baby, Coco!

After theater fun times their Guthrie engagement at the theater, we all met at BF Nelson Park where Coco got in on the action. Coco led us to this bridge (must be a fan of the industrial look) and we got a fun glimpse of the whole family together.

Ben and Shari Coco bridge

What came later might have been one of the most jaw dropping sunsets you will ever seen in Minneapolis.

The range of colors, from blue to red and all the purples in-between, took our breath away.  As the sky became more and more intense, it set the perfect backdrop for Ben and Shari to dance, cuddle and kiss their way the to the end of a perfect evening.

Ben and Shari Sunset Minneapolis Ben and Shari Sunset Minneapolis Ben and Shari Sunset Minneapolis Ben and Shari Sunset Minneapolis

Another highlight of that evening was when Ben and Shari surprised us with a tasty gift of animal crackers!  NOM!!!  There’s no truer way to one’s heart than a bag of animal crackers. lol Thank y’all so much!

Ben and Shari Animal Crackers Pennyphotographics

After the fun of their Guthrie engagement, we are so pumped for this their wedding! It’s gonna be the bee knees!

Update!  Their wedding WAS amazing!


Guthrie Engagement | Ben & Shari | Penny Photographics

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