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It’s no secret that we love what we do. We get to spend our days capturing happiness, telling stories through image and light, going adventuring, and working with the absolute best people! Megan and Josh’s Minneapolis engagement hit on all the high points of our awesome job, and we can’t wait to share them with you 🙂

First let’s talk a Minneapolis engagement! As a couple in the Twin Cities, you have no shortage of options for your engagement shoot. In fact, the hardest part just might be narrowing down your adventure plan! When working with us at Penny Photographics, we encourage couples to think about what makes their relationship special and the places they love to go. Then we make a day of telling your love story 🙂

For Megan and Josh’s Minneapolis engagement, this meant combining a frolic through some of Minneapolis’s nearby natural beauty and adventuring through the power and passion of city life!


Adorable Megan and Josh met through a mutual friend’s birthday party and one bad date:

We met at a mutual friends birthday party […] My date went horribly bad and I ended up sending him home early. Josh […] had watched my date be terrible. He brought me over a drink once the guy left and we ended up talking all about how frustrating dating is, a mutual acapella group, and so many other things. I didn’t think he was interested so I had no flirt on at all. He ended up asking me to lunch the next day and we were together every day after.” 

We started the day with an adventure at the falls in Northfield where Megan and Josh dazzled against the natural backdrop!

Megan and Josh were full of fun and laughter, and had nothing but eyes for each other the whole day.

As photographers who value photojournalistic style in our sessions, it made our job that much easier!

Megan and Josh weren’t afraid to get their feet wet and play in the waterfall – which made for some amazing photo opportunities above and below the falls!

Minneapolis Engagement couple on waterfall

Megan and Josh nailed this water-touched deep dip with grace!

Another couple, another amazing dip – which proves our theory that the dip is for everyone 🙂

Minneapolis Engagement couple dips in waterfall minneapolis engagement dark shot couple

After our frolic through the natural world, we packed up and headed into the city to highlight the rest of Megan and Josh’s Minneapolis engagement story – and they made their entrance in style!

Though the sun set over their stylized sunset shoot on Josh’s Victory, the night was still young! So we took the streets and took advantage of the skyline for their Minneapolis engagement.


Megan and Josh danced through the timeless beauty of the night-lit VOYA building in downtown Minneapolis – hands down one of our favorite shots ever!

While all epic nights must come to a close, Megan and Josh have this adventure in love immortalized forever 🙂 We wish the same for you!

Leave us a comment below with your favorite shot of the session! We’d love to hear from you – and adventure with you 🙂


As photographers, we count ourselves among the luckiest to have the trust of our clients on some of their most important days. As you can imagine, reviews and word of mouth are the best way for us here at Penny Photographics to succeed and continue to book amazing couples like YOU. If you have time, could you please spend a few minutes and tell others about your experience with us?

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Minneapolis Engagement | Megan & Josh | Penny Photographics

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