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Striving to be the Best Minneapolis Wedding Photographer- I’d Rather Just Have the Best Clients!

The goal has never been or will ever be to be the best Minneapolis wedding photographer, the goal is to have the best clients!  2017 was a particularly remarkable year for Penny Photographics! Earl joined the business full time and we had the privilege of photographing some AMAZING clients! We are so grateful to all of you who trusted us with capturing your most important day! Those who allowed us to have fun with you and your friends and family!

2018 Knot Best of Wedding Award

2018 Knot Best of Wedding Award

Along the way, we were able to capture some inspiring moments and create amazing photographs. We submitted some of our favorites to different photography competitions and organizations, and we are excited to share that we received some recognition and awards over the year!

So, this week we are going to brag a bit. Not just about Penny Photographics, but about YOU, our amazing clients. These awards are just as much yours as they are ours, and we want to thank you for trusting us and allowing us to do our thing and tell your story in the best way we know how.

Shoot and Share:

I was named one of the TOP 100 PHOTOGRAPHERS IN THE WORLD in the 2018 @Shoot & Share International Photo Competition! This competition is an especially big one with over 400,000 photos submitted for consideration. Other amazing photographers from 127 different countries (I hope we get to visit them all!) cast over 63 million votes in order to credit some of the best photography in 2017. Earl and I are so proud that our photos earned some recognition here and are thrilled to share some of our favorite shots with you!



Top 10% in Wedding Detail for Shoot and Share!



We also scored in the Top 10% in Emotion and Excitement for Shoot and Share

Top 10% in Wedding Couple for Shoot and Share!


Finalist in Guest and Reception for Shoot and Share!

Finalist Emotion and Excitement Shoot and Share!

The Knot:

We were also honored with the Best of Weddings 2018 award. Even though we’ve mentioned this so many times before (it never gets old!), our clients are the BEST! We count our blessings every day that we get to work with such wonderful people doing what we love – and then you go and say nice things about us to boot! Reviews really help small businesses and we couldn’t be more grateful. Cheers to all you who took the time to say some kind words about us 😀


The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is a rarity among wedding photography organizations. Photographers cannot pay for an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it. The standards for acceptance as a member are high, and the same goes for their contests! Each judge is a well-recognized and awarded member as well as an amazing photographer.

This competition has many different categories, and for 2017, we took home

12th Place in Wedding Details for ISPWP!

12th Place in Wedding Details for ISPWP!

1st Place in Family Love for ISPWP!

Top 10% in Engagement for Shoot and Share and 14th in Humor for ISPWP

Top 10% in Engagement for Shoot and Share and 14th in Humor for ISPWP


The WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) reserves membership to select photographers from around the world whose portfolios and practices demonstrate talent, expertise, and client service in wedding photojournalism. Members of the WPJA — through their work as adjudged by news photo editors and award-winning photojournalists (including Pulitzer Prize winners) — represent the highest standards and the cutting edge in the business of creative wedding photojournalism. As professional visual artists, WPJA photographers capture the real moments and emotions of the most important celebration in the lives of two people coming together as one.
For those who may not know, Earl and I strive to capture moments as naturally and authentically as possible. We particularly enjoy being a member of the WPJA because of the consistent reminder to approach our work and our world as photojournalists, in the truest sense of the word.

20th Place in Bridal Portrait for WPJA

We were honored to receive awards from each of these amazing organizations and are so happy our clients allowed us to get up close and in their bubble to capture their real moments!  So again, we say loud and proud, give us Minneapolis’s best clients and you can keep the Minneapolis best wedding photographer awards.


Check our more photos from these Weddings and Adventures!

Awards Week! | Penny Photographics

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