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From dogs to the docks for this Oakdale Engagement Session!

We were excited to meet the famous doggie duo Luna and Odin who are so cool they have their own Instagram account. So we knew we had to bring our A-game for this pet-part of the photoshoot.  (How to include your dog in a photoshoot!)

These two pups were working the camera beautifully with their vogue looks and sassy eyes. 

Their humans, however, gave them a run for the money! After Cassie’s sister took the pups home, Earl and I had the chance to explore Oakdale Discovery Center and travel into, what I’ve taken to call, the fairy realm of the park. Cassie and Aaron danced, snuggled, and most importantly stayed warm for the camera yielding some amazing engagement photos. 

After a quick warm-up, we decided to hit the docks at Harriet Island where the sun was beaming down and providing just enough energy to run around near the water of the downtown St Paul skyline and strike some poses.

Thanks y’all for bringing your A-game for this late fall Oakdale engagement session.

family portrait Oakdale Engagement Session
Oakdale Engagement Session
Oakdale Engagement Session
fairy realm Oakdale Engagement Session
dog through fence Oakdale Engagement Session

Tell us your story! How did you meet? Who asked who out?

Shelley (Cassie’s mom) introduced us when Cassie came to work with her one day. Months later Shelley gave Aaron, Cassie’s phone number and the rest is history. We had our first date at psycho Suzie’s.

If you have a fur baby can you tell us more about them?

Odin and Luna … above are 5 year old beagles. Cassie adopted them when she lived in North Carolina and Aaron adopted them quickly after he met them. Not many people think walking the dogs in January is a good date activity but Aaron was a real trooper.

Oakdale Engagement Session | Cassie & Aaron

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