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Earl and I love to travel, and we highly encourage any fellow adventurous couples to have their adventure session somewhere awesome. 

Well, it just so happens we hopped on over to San Fransico for just this reason. After we shot the couple’s adventure session in the wine country of San Fransico, Earl and I embarked on our own adventure. We were told to travel down the historic highway 1 to get to Shark Fin Cove!

We stopped along the way to make sure we could roll around in poison oak first, but eventually made our way to this epic beach scene!  (We believe that this was the hill that gave Earl his horrible souvenir)

When we travel, we always take our tripod and our remote trigger … unless on some days like this one, our remote trigger’s batteries failed and we had to set up a timer and RUN over to strike our pose! So in between these photos, please take the time to envision me with no shoes runnnnning gently and fast over these slippery rocks over to Earl and hoping for the best. Totally worth it! Pro tip: make sure your camera remote is working!

Then Earl and I just played around and took shots of the scene and each other with our adorable sunburned face. I swear we wore sunscreen, but the UV got us, all the same. 

Earl decided to wander off to see if he could climb up a cliff but first had to conquer this wave monster that tried to eat us both. I tried to time the wave’s madness, however, when I attempted to cross, as usual, the ocean tried to abduct me and I was completely soaked, in the only clothes I had, btw.

So I sat this adventure out while Earl went on without me. He did actually end up conquering the mountain as seen in the photos, and I sat around super cold since as grown adults we did not wear bathing suits or have a change of clothes which is ridiculous, I know. Always bring a change of clothes when adventuring! Rookie mistake. 

But seriously, this coast is so filled with amazing textures, structures, and gorgeous natural beauty, I cant wait to get my hands on a fun couple to photograph here again. 

Any takers?!?!

San Fransisco / Shark Fin Cove

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