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Problem Areas: We All Have Em!

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Every woman hates her arms.

Ok, maybe not every woman hates her arms, but I have noticed a trend that most ladies, myself included, feel a bit ambivalent about these all-important appendages, especially in pictures.

For example, I feel like I can’t get my arms to tone up and behave! I’m sure it would help if I hadn’t skipped arm day for the last 1200 days, but that aside, I don’t LOVE my arms in photos – and guess what?

That’s okay!

Just tell your photographer 🙂 

penny photographics epic

Everyone has areas that they struggle with or physical realities they just can’t help – real or imagined! For instance, Earl is a full foot taller than me – I practically have to hop up to kiss him.

This fact doesn’t really matter, but in photographs this height difference – or arm-insecurity or that weird thing your chin does at that one angle or the fact that you swear that one of your eyes is bigger than the other – can sometimes feel accentuated.

And it’s totally 100% okay to let your photographer know about them ahead of time! Your photographer wants to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible in front of the camera – and this communication is important.

penny photographics epic

Now, truly and honestly, when someone steps in front of my camera I always think they look awesome – handsome, beautiful, beaming! I’m enjoying their laughter and their spirit – I’m enjoying photographing two people in love and making sure to catch all those joyful natural smiles that come sneaking out!

Still, we all know that we are our own harshest critic. Whenever I step in front of the camera myself, the first thing I tell Earl or whoever I’m working with is – to not photograph me on my right side. Why? Because I think I have more wrinkles on that side. It doesn’t matter that apparently only I can notice them in photographs. Yep, I’ve been told by my husband, my best friend, my dog, etc. that the “extra wrinkles” are all in my head.

But you know what doesn’t fix those imaginary wrinkles? Having someone tell me that they don’t notice them at all. I’m sure people don’t notice them, and that’s fantastic, but I do. So to make life easier, I just drop that bit of knowledge on the photographer and then forget all about it.

The same may go for you, and I’m here to tell you that’s okay! It’s OKAY to tell your photographer what your “better” side is or to share things that you are a bit self-conscious about. They’re a professional (and a person too!), and they can help you work through these concerns and offer some practical advice.

penny photographics epic

So before your next session – tell your photographer about things you’d like to accentuate or DE-accentuate. There are tips, tricks, and camera magic we can throw in to fix all those non-issue issues.

Then that’s it – you’re done!

You no longer have to be self-conscious about it while you’re having your photo taken because you told the professional and we got you!

Set that stress free and go have fun in front of the camera 🙂

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