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Nothing fulfills the documentary photographer side of me more than an in-home engagement session. Well, since the ever-charming Robbie and Kaitlin were moving to Baltimore after their wedding, they decided to start their adventure session at their first home.

We were invited into their Saturday ritual of ordering donuts from Thirsty Whale Bakery and hanging out with their spunky dog Hank. Hank was quite the host as he showed us around the kitchen, how to beg for donuts and how to run really really fast outside when he had the zoomies. 

One’s first home is always special, and I’m glad we got to showcase all the things that made the house a home during the engagement fun times. 

Following the theme of “Real-world Minnesota, Kaitlin, and Robbie edition” we hopped on over to a local park where the two love-velociraptors would often enjoy perusing nature. During this part of the adventure, we had Kaitlin the Doctor of Ecology giving us a show and tell of her favorite places, plants, and things.

For juxtaposition’s sake we then traveled over to Up-Down Arcade to showoff the indoor coolness of the Twin-Cities that they would be missing. It also happened to pay homage to their skeeball first date. While Robbie took the win in skeeball this day, his victory was short-lived as Kaitlin used all of her power and skill to take home the title of large outdoor Jenga.

We had such a fun time with these two that we were super sad that they decided to STILL move to Baltimore to pursue their careers and awesome life together. Documenting their adorable wedding, which you can admire here, reaffirmed again how awesome they are and I hope they visit home soon!

family portrait in-home engagement session
donuts and puppy in-home engagement session
eating donuts in-home engagement session
Secret handshake in-home engagement session
playing with dog in-home engagement session
love tackle in-home engagement session
love tackles in-home engagement session
puppy photo bomb in-home engagement session
puppy photobomb in-home engagement session
epic portrait in-home engagement session
puppy love in-home engagement session
puppy stealing the show in-home engagement session


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In-Home Engagement Session | Kaitlin & Robbie

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