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Kaleigh and Cory braved a deep Minnesota chill to charm their way through an epic Stillwater engagement session and cuddle up for some beautiful photography. They warmed up by candlelight in a local pub, adventured through some epic caves, and strolled hand in hand through the Capital. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Their engagement in Kaleigh’s own words:

The proposal was amazing!  Cory and I went to Colorado in September and we were hiking  in Estes Park and we stopped to soak up the gorgeous scenery. Little did I know he was planning to pop the question at that time! Cory read off  this adorable speech and I turned to blubber. It was a little challenging for him to get down on one knee given the fact that we were on a giant lumpy rock, but he did  his best and tried getting down on his knee and asked me to marry him. To end the day, we saw Rascal Flatts at Red Rocks Amphitheater that night – definitely a day that both of us will remember forever!” 

Stillwater Engagement Session bar in emotion couple shot Stillwater Engagement Session candlelight bar couple portrait

To kick off Kaleigh and Cory’s Stillwater engagement session, we took them to Portside, a lovely little pub in just off the St. Croix river.

Stillwater Engagement Session couple in light of the window Stillwater Engagement Session blue cave and couple Stillwater Engagement Session couple dips in a cave

Cory and Kaleigh rocked this sweep-em-off-their-feet deep dip, worthy of the Penny Photographics record books! We believe the dip is for everyone 🙂

Stillwater Engagement Session couple embrace in silvery cave Stillwater Engagement Session black and white couple in cave mouth Stillwater Engagement Session wintery shoreline shot

After some romantic cave spelunking, we headed to the Capital Building in St. Paul to take advantage of its sweeping marble scapes.

A perk to a Stillwater engagement session? It’s so close to the Twin Cities that you can fit a ton of awesome urban spots in with your small town getaway!

Stillwater Engagement Session fiance admiring her love Stillwater Engagement Session couple amongst the marble Stillwater Engagement Session heroic couple in front of historic building Stillwater Engagement Session deep sunset portrait

If you’re intrigued by a Stillwater engagement session, check out some of our other shoots in that lovely little town and nearby Willow River State Park just across the state line!

In the meantime, feel free to share your favorite shots in the comments below! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

Stillwater Engagement Session | Kaleigh & Cory

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