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As we look at some of our best wedding photos of 2020, we remember what the wedding season of 2020 was and obviously, it was not like all of the other years. 

The most important is to thank our clients. Thank you all who managed to bear with us while we were trying to frantically figure out how to navigate everything, thank you for your patience and all the love and concern you showed us- honestly, it really helped us get through. 

Thanks to all of those couples who still had their weddings, altered as they may have been because we really do love our jobs and we got to remember how amazing it felt to capture moments and create art. From small backyard weddings to couples who decided to have what we named, bonus weddings, like Sara and Neal we had a blast. We had the opportunity to photograph at some classy venues like Historic Summit Manor, the lovely Van Dusen Mansion that we never had before, and run around outside on some awesome farm venues like Brule River Barn along with our other favorite barn, North Star Farm Event Center.

This year was a great reminder of what is most important in weddings and life and that has always been the people. Earl and I are so lucky that we still got to serve our clients and document such amazing people surrounded by their family and friends during all of the chaos. The hugs, tears, and laughs meant even more this season and we don’t take it for granted.

From reschedules to bonus ceremonies and new bookings- we did the damn thing and made it through another wedding season! 

Thus, without further ado, here is a glimpse of the best wedding photos of 2020 and a few fantastic engagement photos from the season. 

Best Wedding Photos of 2020
Best Wedding Photos of 2020
Best Wedding Photos of 2020
Best Wedding Photos of 2020
Best Wedding Photos of 2020
Best Wedding Photos of 2020

Best Wedding Photos of 2020 | A Wedding Season Recap

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