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Raina and Neal, A Handmade, Heartfelt Wedding

Raina and Neal’s Applewood Hills wedding adventure started with a twirl from Raina and her mom, and the first glimpse at her bouquet made from careful folds of paper.  Then we met up with Neal and his entourage at the venue.

They wowed their guests with the love and thoughtfulness they put into all the little details of the day. From hand-making their own bouquets to learning a tap routine for their first dance, the originality, and love they put into their wedding was so apparent.

Raina and Neal Wedding

Getting Ready wedding

first look mom wedding

groom and groomsmen wedding

A first look down the aisle. 

While it has become more popular for couples to do a first-look and see each other for the time before the ceremony, there is something truly magical about seeing your wife for the first time as she is coming down the aisle.  The Kellys also chose to have a close friend to help celebrate their union by acting as their officiant, making the ceremony even more special.  As the ceremony began, Raina noticed Neal’s penguin tie and couldn’t contain her excitement!

During our time with Raina and Neal, we learned that the penguin was an important symbol of love for them.  In 2012 they started grad school in different states.  During their long distance relationship they would text/skype back and forth.  As they would text each other good night they would send a kiss emoji, but noticed that there is no true hug emoji.  They adopted the penguin as their symbol for hugs and thus the hug penguin was born!

Raina and Neal Wedding ceremony excited

wedding guests wedding guests parents flower girls wedding

Raina and Neal Wedding down the aisle


wedding ceremony

wedding ceremony


Rolling for initiative! Tap Dancing for fun!

The table settings for the reception paid homage to D&D. Then, after dinner and heartfelt speeches, Raina and her fella gave us one of the most original first dances we have ever seen.

More photos are always par for the course!

We snuck Raina and Neal off for some more couple photos. An Applewood Hills wedding offered us the opportunity to capture the beauty of the grounds and pine trees with the lovely couple. Then it was back to the reception for cake and rug-cutting!


End of Evening Epic-ness!

After To cap off Raina and Neal’s amazing Applewood Hills wedding, we commandeering a golf cart we, drove off to grab a few end-of-the-night shots and gave the couple a few minutes to celebrate their day by themselves.

applewood hills wedding

I also want to make sure to give love to others that contributed to this wonderful wedding adventure:

  • Applewood Hills (Venue and Catering)  Great food and venue!  Thank you for letting us use the golf carts!
  • Midwest Sound (DJ)  Music selection was great!

Check out their adventure session here!

Applewood Hills Wedding | Raina & Neal | Penny Photographics

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