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Karen and Anthony’s Minneapolis Wedding Adventure:

A show not to be missed!

Karen and Anthony put on a delightful show for their Minneapolis wedding in 3 acts! It started at HUGE Theater for an intimate wedding ceremony where these two adorable theater buffs declared their love loud and proud on center stage. As the audience sat, a heartfelt slideshow played giving insight into the tale of their humorous beginnings. (You have to read their stories below!) Some of the slides even included photos from their  award winning adventure session at the Science Museum!

For act two, everyone gathered their things and strutted down the street to Lynlake Brewery for the reception. There were dice games at every table for the guests to play.  They even had custom dice made with donuts as the 1 side as favors!  The brewery also has a fantastic rooftop for guest to mingle and take in the city. Besides Karen and Anthony, the main VIP at the wedding was obviously breakfast food. “Dinner” was a mixture of eggs, sausage, hash browns, and of course DOUGHNUTS!! In lieu of a wedding cake, Karen and Anthony cut the doughnut, provided by  none other than Minnesota’s famous Glam Doll Donuts. Other ways they honored breakfast food was sporting it all over their persons, from donut earnings to donut socks and pocket square.

The final act,  or after party, occurred down the road at Up Down Gaming. In her gorgeous wedding gown and grace, Karen channeled her inner beast mode and we all bore witness to how a true DDR queen dances on her wedding day.

Big Kiss at Huge Theater Penny Photographics

HUGE Theater – An Alternative Minneapolis Wedding Venue

HUGE is an improve theater that has rentable space and makes for a fun ceremony spot for the inner actor in you!  There are two separate rooms where you can get ready.  (One behind the stage and the other below the stage in the basement) Both spaces are large and can fit a larger wedding party.   There are tons of options for lighting and the staff was very helpful to get the mood just right!  In fact, they provide a professional lighting and sound engineer who filmed the ceremony!  What a sweet bonus!

Even if you weren’t looking to have your ceremony on the big stage, it is a great place to come and appreciate Minneapolis!

“HUGE Improv Theater is an artist-led company dedicated to supporting the Twin Cities’ diverse and thriving improv community through performance and education.” – HUGE Theater about us

Fun Wedding Penny Photographics

Lynlake Brewery Reception

Lynlake Brewery is a colorful taproom (try the Sideburn Milk Stout!) that has a both a spacious main floor and rooftop bar and lounge area.  There is even an elevator that will take you to the roof from the main level!   The building used to be an old theater (I see a theme) that still has the marque.  You can actually have the staff put your event up on the marque on your big day.   The artwork on the buildings interior wall is especially unique and add in bike wheels hanging from the ceiling and you’ve got a fun background in every frame.

“Located in the historic Lyndale Theater in the LynLake neighborhood of Minneapolis, the brewery features a lineup of high-quality flagship craft beers along with seasonal rotations, specialties and the occasional one-off.” – Lynlake Brewery about us



“I remember the first time we met, I sat down in front of Karen waiting for our Improv 1 class to start at ComedySportz. I didn’t notice her at first, but one of the classmates (Luis) started chatting with Erik and myself I turned around. I thought she was very cute, but I was too shy to become more acquainted. Over the course of the class we got to know more about each other, Karen always had some story about what she was cooking or her volunteering at Kitchen Window. The class eventually spent time at her apartment to practice improv games. I remember thinking that she was a skin specialist since she had a masters in epidemiology (turns out that’s not the study of the epidermis). I remember we had to spend a moment thinking of an improv idea alone in her closet, I got butterflies. Eventually, by the end of Improv 2 i was talking with my friend/classmate Erik alone and wondered out loud whether I should ask Karen out on a date. He said go for it. That turned into our infamous Science Museum first date, which went horribly. After a summer break, we met again for the final Improv class and decided to give the dating thing one more chance. This time was successful. ” – ANTHONY

“I remember meeting Anthony on our first day of Improv 1 class and thinking he was cute. As class went on I started to think he was really funny too. When he asked me out for a date I was a nervous though. I hate first dates. They make me very anxious. I accepted anyway and we had a terrible date at the Science Museum. After the summer when Improv class resumed, the class was over at my house practicing improv games when Anthony mentioned how awesome Park Tavern is. So, I said we should all go there on Friday. No one else agreed to go and Anthony and I ended up on another date. We played pool and ended up back at my house making stir fry. We continued seeing each other ever since.” – KAREN

Karen getting ready HUGE Theater Minneapolis Wedding First Look with Karen peaking Minneapolis Wedding After first look. Excited about the day Groom waiting for the ceremony Minneapolis Wedding Groomsmen waiting for the ceremony Minneapolis Wedding


“As we are both in the analytical nerd realm, I think our proposal might be considered by some to be within the non-romantic realm. There was a lot between us that needed to be talked about which we did over the course of our travels to Boston and Norway. Our family situation, our hopes for the future, our ideas and expectations of married life.  We chose our rings together (online while marathoning Fast & Furious movies). When they finally came in the mail, we had a little private “ceremony” over pad thai and candlelight. We exchanged rings, kissed, and the rest was history.” – Anthony

“I would say we had more of a series of discussions about marriage than a proposal. We ordered our rings and had agreed that we wouldn’t announce that were were engaged until both of ours arrived. Anthony’s was late and I was getting antsy. When we finally had both of our rings we ordered some Thai food, opened a bottle of wine and put on our rings for the first time.” – Karen

Ceremony at HUGE theater Minneapolis Wedding


“I think my favorite memory was our first look. It was like one of the only moments where we could just enjoy the ceremony by ourselves. I remember slow dancing with Karen as if it was our “First Dance”. We are both kinda private people, and getting married was really something I think we wanted to try and enjoy for ourselves at some point. It of course was a blast to be celebrating with friends and family, but I think that moment made me really think “Wow, I am so happy to be finally marrying Karen!” – Anthony

“My favorite moments from the day were all quiet ones. Doing the first look with Anthony was amazing because it was one of the few moments that we got to be alone together all day long. After the first look spending time with Anthony and our attendants back stage before the ceremony was another great moment to enjoy the excitement with everyone together. My last favorite moment was when Penny and Earl pulled us away to take some pictures of us on the balcony during the reception. We got to spend some private time together and watch our family and friends having fun.” – Karen

Games at the table for guests Minneapolis Wedding Donut Theme for Minneapolis Wedding Fun pose from groom Minneapolis Wedding Name on marque Minneapolis Wedding After party at Up Down Gaming Minneapolis Wedding

I also want to make sure to give love to others that contributed to this wonderful Minneapolis wedding adventure :

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Minneapolis Wedding | Karen & Anthony | Penny Photographics

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