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Renate and Paul, an adorable easy-going couple in love:

Renate and Paul had an Austin urban engagement – and it was so fun! You can ask any photographer and they’ll tell you – every couple’s style is unique and each person handles being photographed differently. Renate and Paul acted just like themselves in front of the camera and delivered an easy-going photoshoot. These kinds of sessions tend to be extra fun because the couple can be affectionate and authentic, and can pretend like I’m not even there! It makes for memorable photography and an all-around good time. (If you’re curious about how to relax in front of the camera – check out some bonus tips at the bottom of this blog!)

We started off in a courtyard by Merrill Lynch in downtown Austin, and took advantage of its great city views and tidy greenery. Since we picked a weekday, we had most of the area to ourselves, and got to do some adventuring!

Some of my favorite highlights from their session:

  • Skipping! I knew it was going to be a good day when they started to skip off together.

  • Renate shared that they were taking dance lessons for the wedding – so I asked for a sneak peak!

  • They got so many well-wishes and congratulations from passersby when we stopped for shots, it set such a cheerful mood – YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED!
  • My favorite shot: a quiet moment with these two in the distance, enjoying a kiss in the empty courtyard under a canopy of oak trees!
  • If you are interested in the urban feel, Austin’s downtown has so much to offer – from rich colors and textures to interesting and quirky city vibes.

Renate and Paul's Austin urban engagement session

An Austin urban engagement means epic skylines 🙂

Austin urban engagement couple against skyline

Another perk of an Austin urban engagement? Texture, color, and character!

austin urban engagement couple against city texture Renate and Paul's Austin urban engagement session Austin urban engagement couple before windows

I had a great time with these two on their Austin urban engagement session – and I can’t wait for the wedding, you two! Thanks for letting me share in and capture your special moments.

Check out their wedding!  They had their touching ceremony at Chapel Dulcinea and reception at Mercury Hall.  I also included some info about those locations, if you are thinking about using either.

Bonus! If you are interested in tips on how to relax and let go in front of the camera, I’ve included a few personal and professional advice below:

  • Get to know your photographer! They are there not just to capture your authentic moments, but to make the experience fun and creative to boot.
  • Share – if you have any concerns or worries before hopping in front of the camera, let your photographer know. They can help you work through them and offer professional advice.
  • The Comfort Rule: Bring a change of shoes and an extra outfit. That way if you feel a little tense or uncomfortable, you can try out a new look and comfort level. I’ve even had brides go barefoot!
  • Time and practice help – you will probably feel totally different 30 minutes into your shoot than you do five minutes in, so keep that in mind if you’re feeling a little nervous at first!
  • Worried about other people? Try to schedule for weekdays when shooting locations may be less populated.
  • Forget about your photographer! Easier said than done, right? But sometimes it is just that simple. The session really is about you and your fiancé on your own adventure, and your photographer is just along for the ride.
  • And finally, don’t worry – if you feel a little uncomfortable in front of the camera, you aren’t alone. It’s totally normal, and that is why you are working with a professional! Just remember you are in good hands.

Austin Urban Engagement | Renate & Paul | Penny Photographics

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