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Austin, Texas – home of the weird, land of the eclectic. If you’re interested in a magical and eccentric Austin engagement session – we’ve found the perfect place. Austin’s Cathedral of Junk, a just-for-fun pet project of a local South Austin resident, right in his backyard – and it’s open to visitors (and the recently engaged)!

If you’re having a hard time visualizing what a cathedral made of junk looks like and why you’d want to see it – think of a world made entirely of readily available magically-infused everyday objects held together by pluck and imagination – and a little bit of welding. It’s not only impressive, it’s just plain neat.

I took my friends Callie and Jeff here for an adventure, and if you’re curious about a Cathedral of Junk engagement, have a peak!

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-19

 Austin Cathedral Of Junk-17

Shalom y’all!

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-16

A be-knighted owl guarding an Austin junk-spire.

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-15

Welcome to the Cathedral – the only one of its kind!

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-14

A lovely fake horse in need of an imaginary apple! I was happy to oblige.

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-13

A glass bottle wall to catch the Central Texas sunlight.

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-12

Gadgets, do-dads, thing-a-ma-bobs!

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-11

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-10

Your resident photographer – enthroned in her rightful place!

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-9

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-8

A stroll down memory lane.

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-7

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-6

The Cathedral is dotted with vibrant little nooks of color and texture.

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-5

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-4

Instructions unclear – stuck at five foot three!

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-3

Where the ducks go to heaven

Austin Cathedral Of Junk-2

Callie and Jeff canoodling in a snatch of sunlight underneath the Texas greenery.

Austin Cathedral Of Junk

I hope you enjoyed the tour! If you’re intrigued by the Cathedral’s Austin-infused spirit, we recommend an in-person visit to exercise your imagination and add to your adventures 🙂

If you enjoyed this Cathedral of Junk engagement, check out more of my Texas Adventures!

Cathedral of Junk Engagement | Austin, TX | Penny Photographics

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