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Wedding planning with Pinterest! If you’re obsessed, you’re not the only one – according to Pinterest analysts, around 40 million people a year use Pinterest as part of their wedding planning process. We’ve been there and it makes total sense!

So, let’s talk wedding planning with Pinterest and how to get the most out of your experience 🙂

What are the Perks of Wedding Planning with Pinterest?

Great question – Pinterest is a super fun and helpful tool, and we outlined some of its perks below:

  • Wedding planning with Pinterest offers users an immersive aesthetic experience. It’s basically an online vision board of the highest order!
  • Pinterest offers a user-friendly organizational format to plan different parts of a wedding. With the ability to create multiple boards and sub-categories within those boards, your inner organizer can cut loose – or if you’re not big into planning, the user-friendly features can help you stay organized 🙂
  • Pins are just a tipping pointPictures on Pinterest link to origin websites, so if you spot the flower arrangement of the century, you can follow it to the source website for details!
  • Pinterest isn’t just picturesThere are tons of pins that link to helpful blogs, checklists, and wedding resources.
  • It’s got something for everyone. No matter your stylistic bent or your dream wedding idea, you can most likely find representation on Pinterest, and that’s just plain fun 🙂

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What about the pitfalls?

Every tool has it’s downsides, or things to look out for! Let’s discuss a few of those here:

  • Getting hooked on ‘looks’ that aren’t really YOU. We are big believers in going all-in on you and your personal style when wedding planning! Pinterest is so full of amazing images and ideas that it’s easy to get caught up in styles or ideas that might not necessarily fit you. 
  • Watching the budget. Lots of ideas or shots on Pinterest might be more costly to recreate than they seem, which can put stress on your budget. It’s important to keep that in mind while you’re gathering ideas! Luckily a lot of what you might like can be tweaked to be more budget-friendly.
  • Keeping an open mindIf you get hung up on certain looks on Pinterest, it can sometimes keep you from trying new or different things in photography and wedding planning that are just as epic! Keeping an open mind can help you get the best out of your experience 🙂
  • Dodging disappointment by managing expectationsNot everything on Pinterest can be recreated, especially when you are working with all sorts of specialized vendors. It’s important to keep that in mind and manage expectations accordingly. The good news is that your vendors are professionals and creatives with great ideas and experience!

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So, Where to Start?

It’s no secret that wedding planning, no matter how fun or joyous, can be overwhelming – so let’s look at where to start with Pinterest.

  1. Dream Big
    • If you don’t know where to start or what you’re looking for, dream big! Create one board, let’s call it a Dream Big Board. 
    • Search Pinterest for general terms like “weddings” or if you know your date, add the season: ex. “fall weddings” “summer weddings”.
    • Now just cut loose! Pin anything you see that you like and get into the fun of it! Eventually, your preferences will start to emerge and you can change up your searches.
  2. Consider Themes
    • Once you’ve got that initial fun-tastic pin-splosion out of your system, take a look back through your Dream Big Board. 
    • Look for themes in color, style, design, or topic.
    • Use these themes to get an idea of what you’re drawn to and what aesthetics you like most. This might also be a good time to create sub-categories in your Board based on these themes!
    • Now you can start going deeper – search Pinterest for specific themes. For example: “fairy fall weddings” “woodland wedding” “geeky wedding” “library-themed wedding” “disney-themed wedding”
  3. Start a Main Wedding Board
    • Once you get your favorite themes ironed out, we suggest creating a brand new board which will be your main planning board: My Wedding, titles adjustable 🙂
    • Under this Board, create sub-boards for different aspects of wedding planning. Here are some of our recommendations:
      • Aesthetic/Theme
      • Venue Ideas
      • Bridal Look
      • Decor Ideas
      • Florals
      • Wedding Party
      • Pets in Weddings
      • Food and Drink
      • Neat Ideas
      • Budget
      • Resources
    • Use this Board and its sub-categories to stay organized while you’re wedding planning with Pinterest!

Tips to Get the Most Out of the Process

  • Dream big while staying practical. Sometimes an awesome-looking idea just isn’t practical for you and your wedding and that’s okay! You’ll find all sorts of great ideas, so don’t let it get you down.
  • Keep budgets in mindPinterest is great for seeing what you love and brainstorming how to create it, but not every picture you see will be practical for your wedding budget. The good news is most wedding styles and ideas have a more frugal and creative alternative and Pinterest is FULL of wedding budget resources 🙂
  • It’s okay to change your mindJust because you narrowed down a theme doesn’t mean you can’t pick a new one! It’s okay to change your mind as long as the change is practical within the scope of your wedding planning timeline and budget.
  • Consider adding family and friends. You can grant permission for other Pinterest users to pin on your wedding board, so consider adding your best friend, your MOH or Best Man, your mom/dad, or that super awesome Aunt with style for days!
  • But remember, it’s your weddingIf you do add others to your planning Boards, just remember that it’s YOUR wedding and while you can love and honor their ideas, you don’t have to use them.

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Working with Vendors

As the planning process moves forward, you’ll start working with wedding vendors to create your wedding experience. Wedding planning with Pinterest can be just as useful at this stage as well!

  • Check out vendor work. Most wedding vendors will know Pinterest well and probably have their own boards. Check them out to get an idea of the vendors’ work and style!
  • Share your pins. Once you start working with a vendor, Pinterest is a great way to express a wedding look, theme, or dream when words can’t quite get it right. Share some of your pins with vendors to show them what you’re looking for.
  • Pin your vendor’s pins! Pin some of your favorites from your vendor’s boards so they can get an idea of the aspects of their work you’re already excited about.
  • Know that Pinterest is a starting point. It’s great for getting ideas, for organization, and for resources, but it’s a starting point for the actual, tangible work of wedding creation. When you work with vendors, remember that pins are primarily tools for expression. Your real-world results may be a little different, and that’s just fine!
  • Trust the professionals. Keep in mind that you’re hiring industry professionals with lots of practical experience, so trust their expertise and advice!

Go Forth and Plan!

The number one thing to remember about wedding planning with Pinterest is that it should be fun and helpful, and honestly this is our rule for most aspects of wedding planning 🙂 We hope this blog was both!

Feel free to share your feedback or own favorite ways to use Pinterest in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you! And in the meantime, check out our Wedding Guide for more great tips for planning your wedding!

Wedding Planning with Pinterest | Your Guide

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