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After the wedding day is over, the next important task ahead is printing the amazing photos and making a wedding photo album.

A wedding album is important because it captures the memories of one of the most significant events in a couple’s life. It serves as a tangible reminder of the wedding day and provides a way for the couple to relive their special moments over and over again.

Here are some reasons why making a wedding photo album is a must:

• Preserving Memories: A wedding album is a great way to preserve memories of the wedding day. The photographs capture the emotions, expressions, and moments that may be forgotten over time. An album can be passed down to future generations, allowing them to experience the joy and love of the couple’s wedding day.

• Telling a Story: A wedding album tells the story of the wedding day from beginning to end. The album can include pre-wedding preparation, the ceremony, the reception, and other special moments. It is a beautiful way to showcase the couple’s love story and how it culminated in their wedding day.

• Displaying Photos: A wedding album provides a great way to display wedding photos. The album can be shared with friends and family, displayed on a coffee table or bookshelf, or used as a conversation piece when entertaining guests.

If the idea seems daunting, that’s why you have your photographer to help.

I personally end up knowing your photos as well, if not better, than you and your spouse. Outsourcing the task to someone who is just as invested in the outcome is perfect.

Why is making a wedding photo album so expensive?

First off, this is a totally understandable question. High quality albums are expensive when you are comparing it to other print/photo-book options that exist. However, the over all reason is quality and craftsmanship.

Top 3 reasons for album pricing:

  1. Quality Materials: High-quality wedding albums are made with quality materials such as archival paper, leather or linen covers, and high-quality inks that are designed to last a lifetime. These materials can be costly, and the more luxurious the album, the higher the price.
  2. Professional Printing: Wedding album printing requires professional equipment and expertise. The process involves color correction, image optimization, and precise printing techniques to ensure the photos look their best. This level of professional printing can be costly.
  3. Design and Layout: A well-designed wedding album requires skill and time to create. Your photographer will work with the couple to choose the best photos and create a layout that tells the story of their wedding day. This level of design and layout expertise comes at a cost.

Over all, making a wedding photo album is an investment. It is the final product of the wedding project and adventure you’ve been living for months or even years. It’s the final tangible touch that most people want to have and appreciate having for the longevity of their relationship.

Live with no regrets; make the album!

Check out Penny and Earl flip through their own wedding album here.

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Making a wedding photo album
Making a wedding photo album
Making a wedding photo album
Making a wedding photo album
Making a wedding photo album
Making a wedding photo album
Making a wedding photo album

Making a wedding photo album

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