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The most popular send off for weddings are wedding sparkler exits when a couple dashes through a tunnel of friends and family with sparklers.

Wedding day send-offs aren’t as common as in the past, simply because couples dont want to leave their wedding any earlier than they have to. They want to party through the night with their guest and make the day last as long as possible.

That is totally understandable which is why some couples fake a sparkler exit. This allows for some amazing end of the night photos, as well as a good way to let the sleepy guests know they can depart without missing any big moments. Then the couple simply wanders back into their wedding for the rest of the night for the after-party vibe.

Sparkler exits aren’t the only way you can do a wedding send off. You can simply create a guests tunnel and run through it on the dance floor or outside and actually leave if you so wish! Or perhaps, grand gestures aren’t your favorite and you’d rather have a smaller moment with just you and your new spouse.

Champagne pops are a great way to finalize the mini celebration within the big day and allow for some fun and romantic style photos. It’s a great way to have a final photo for your wedding story and eventual wedding album.

Either way, if you want to have some closing ceremony for the day, exits and end of the night photos are perfect.

Other helpful info for planning your weddiing day timeline can be found on our famous How to build a timeline blog.

Wedding Sparkler Exits
Wedding Sparkler Exits
Wedding Sparkler Exits
Wedding Sparkler Exits

Green Acres Event Center

Redeemed Farm

Dellwood Barn

Harriet Island Pavilion

Wedding Sparkler Exits


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