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After getting engaged, one of the first questions is, how to pick a wedding photographer. More importantly, how to choose the right one?

In a sea of photographers there are many who specialize in weddings and engagements. There are many professional websites such as TheKnot that try to guide you through the daunting task of where to start. So, from a veteran wedding photographer, here is my advice on how to pick a wedding photographer after getting engaged.

First, it might actually be easier for you to start with what you DONT want. It’s hard to start such an ambiguous task as what exactly you are wanting, but most people know what they dont want.

Then, I would say answer these 3 questions to help guide you on what type of photographer you want for your wedding.

  1. What type of experience are you wanting?
    Maybe you want to give a lot of direction and have many ideas and concepts you are wanting to share with your photographer; however, most of PennyPhotographics clients tend to lend all the trust over to us and just let us capture the day as it unfolds. We dont want you to have to control the day because a wedding day cant be controlled; it’s better to just live in the moment and enjoy yourself than preforming the wedding.
  2. Are candid photos or formal photos most important to you?
    Are you wanting to have a series of glamours perfect portraits of the day? If the cake cutting, first kiss and couple portraits have to be perfect, you need to find a photographer who is fine tuned into details being perfect, and moments being more staged. For PennyPhotographics, the candids are the most important part of the day which means there is no repeating a moment and the emotion caught is what it is. There is magic to the imperfections of the day and we like to capture those moments and display them first and foremost. Here is a whole blog about candid photography.
  3. What type of personality do you mesh with?
    This is more of an introspective question because you have to know what type of person you and your partner are and who you will best get along with for the entire wedding day. For PennyPhotographics, we enjoy hanging out with the playful nerdy types. Probably because, we ourselves, are so goofy and playful. We Want the experience to be fun and capture real laughs with a very laid back vibe.

There are many other questions of styles such as editing and colors that might come into affect when making your decision; however, the most important thing is that you get the right experience, the right kind of photos you are wanting to keep, and that you enjoy the person or people you are working with during such a fun time in your life.

As far as PennyPhotographics goes:

Our Philosophy
We believe people love candid photos because they get to relive the unexpected moments and connections they were having with those around them.Our Method

Our method
includes learning about our clients to establish trust, while adding an abundance of energy and ideas to showcase epic portraits and real moments throughout the day.

Our Style
We use our skills of lighting and creative vantage points to emphasize real moments.
We then edit and deliver these images with bold and vibrant colors that are true to how the wedding-day looked.

For more information about us, our philosophy, our method, and our style, contact us.

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How to pick a wedding photographer
How to pick a wedding photographer
How to pick a wedding photographer

How to pick a wedding photographer

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