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Earl and I describe our style as candid wedding photography. The term is in our tagline and was super hard to verbalize our style of photography into just one sentence. The reason being, we love creative photography and awesome landscape portraits that make our clients look like total bad-asses.

We love using light and techniques to showcase the scene and reaching into the depths of our brains to see what we can come up with. Here is a whole blog of creativity just for night time shots. However, what drives our passion for photography and really appeals to most of the clients to reach out to us, is our photojournalism approach and candid wedding photography.

Photojournalism as a definition seems to have many different meanings depending on who you ask. For us, it’s about being involved in the moment without affecting it. Earl and I often talk about how our method for weddings is to create trust with our couples and their family/friends. I’m compelled to compare what we do to how Jane Goodall lived among the chimpanzees gaining their trust in order to document their way of life. When we become involved in the situation and people that are surrounding us, it allows for everyone to forget that we are capturing their reactions and just naturally experience the events that unfold. We’ve even won some awards for it: Fearlessphotography and WPJA

Our methods aside, I believe there is a strong desire for people to have their lives documented in the truest way possible. As humans, I believe we all crave truth. With the ever evolving photography methods from disposable cameras, then polaroids, to phones in our pockets to take snap shots wherever we are, we’ve become a bit jaded from photos; always smiling perfectly and being conditioned to stop and pose when we see a camera. Perhaps this photography surge has caused us to mis-trust photos and photographers.

I think that might be why when we see real emotion in a still frame, it sparks excitement to us because of the authenticity of it and the rarity to see it done well. Whatever the reason, photojournalism and candid wedding photography thrills me and does the same for our clients. 

Thus, when it comes to an epic life event like a wedding when many sets of families are merging together, emotions of all sorts are being thrown around, and there is an abundance of real moments occurring, it makes sense that our wedding couples want it captured. 

So for all of you who really seek out the belly-laughs, ugly cries, silly faces and candid moments, these photos are for you. 

candid wedding photography
candid wedding photography
candid wedding photography
candid wedding photography
candid wedding photography
candid wedding photography
candid wedding photography

Candid wedding photography

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