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Our journey home to MN wrapped up with a Utah roadtrip through Zion up to the amazing salt-flats in Bonneville.

When deciding where to venture in Utah, the list is so long and over-whelming, one just has to decide what you cant miss out on and go from there. For me, it was hiking the narrows in Zion national park.

I’ve long seen photos of the amazing canyon walls and have always yearned to hike there myself.
When we arrived in Zion, it was later than expected because we had a tire pop on the trailer. So when we went to pick up our rental bibs and boots for the long river hike, they were closed! We had to wait until they opened the next morning which really hurt our early start we wanted to get. Because it was off-season, there were no shuttles into the park, thus, we had to drive into the park but if there was no more parking available, we would be out of luck. So it was with great stress and anxiety we flew down to get our gear, drove and hunted for a parking space and luckily found one about 1.5 miles away from the trail head. So we had a nice warmup hike before our aprox. 8 miles hike up-river.

It was absolutely worth all of it! As always, photos can not express the awe and magnitude of nature but we stopped from time to time so we could take a few pics.

The hiking sticks we brought saved us yet again, and we hiked upstream for miles against the current in the freezing water on all sizes of rocks.

The idea for hiking the narrows is, you just go as far as you want then turn back. Well, that point for us came to be when the water got too high even for Earl, and we knew it was time to trek back. I like to say that I didnt slip once while hiking, but did almost get carried away by the current. Luckily Earl made sure I didnt float away. Thanks babe!

I would absolutely go back to Zion again because we were only there for a few days and only had enough stamina for the one long hike before we had to pack up and head north. The nature there spoke to me and I was very intrigued by the strangeness of it.

Our last stop of the roadtrip was the Bonneville salt-flats in Utah. We actually met our friends who traveled from Washington to camp with us. It was so surreal to not only meet friends from far away in a land of salt and dessert, but the Saltflats themselves made it seem like another planet.

After we got our fill on the oddity of the land, we had drinks and dinner and started our long non-stop trip home to MN.

As long as it was, the trip seemed short as well! But I liked to tell Earl, this was a buffet of what the US has to offer and now we can go back and fully indulge next time!

Utah roadtrip
Utah roadtrip
Utah roadtrip

Utah roadtrip
Utah roadtrip
Utah roadtrip
Utah roadtrip

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Utah roadtrip

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