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Let’s go back into everyones favorite Minnesota season with this St Paul fall engagement adventure session with Anna and Ryan!

As we endure winter in Minnesota, it’s nice to reflect on why we choose to stay here and I believe that reason is fall.

Every year we get flooded with inquiries about fall weddings and engagement photos because the colors have started to change. While I myself love Summer more than any other season, I do understand the appeal of fall.

Sometimes, we get lucky and we get colors in the city itself which was the case for Anna and Ryan.
They live in the St Paul area so they wanted to stay in the city where they’ve started their lives together and pay honor to the Twin Cities while grabbing the fall colors nearby.

So we started at the dock where Ryan proposed nearby their house and wandered to a park for colors. However, as it turns out, the park was closed for hunting that day so we had to pivot to plan B. While we were driving to another location, we saw the most stunning trees nearby a commercial area. So we stopped and dove right in! So by luck and chance we got to capture some very cool and original fall vibes.

St Paul fall engagement
St Paul fall engagement
St Paul fall engagement
St Paul fall engagement
St Paul fall engagement
St Paul fall engagement
St Paul fall engagement
St Paul fall engagement

It’s hard to pin point fall, but we lucked out and it paid off. For those who like to have a better guess, you can always use Fall Color Finder.

For more fall inspiration, check out this color charged wedding at the Minnesota arboretum.

St Paul fall engagement

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