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Even better than two wedding photographers is a wife and husband team! I’m obviously bias, but I’ll tell you why.

First off, how did I trick Earl into wedding photography? Well, I slowly hypnotized him over time and wore him down. I also explained to him the approach and values of the business was about art, yes, but mostly about the people we are photographing.

Since Earl loves humans like I do, he began to understand why this was such an awesome gig. I’ve said it many times but camera technique can be taught, but how to people and interact with them is a gift which we both have.

So, for the biggest advantage of having a wife and husband team is they understand what their brand and business is all about. They know what to focus on and how to give and take throughout the day. Plus, everyone gets the added bonus of watching us bicker with love throughout the day.

Ok, so not everyone has an Earl or even a spouse to join them in the business. However, you should still have two photographers. The top 3 reasons listed below.

  1. Different vantage points throughout the day.
  2. Getting ready time.
  3. More chances for candids.

To break it down:

  1. Different vantage points throughout the day. While I’m capturing the front of the isle, Earl can capture the moments at the back where emotions and people are totally different.
  2. Getting ready time. During the getting ready time of day, two photographers can branch off and capture each side of the party before everything comes together.
  3. More chances for candids. With two photographers, we can divide and conquer and have a better chance capturing more moments happening throughout the day. Four eyes are better than two!

Working with your spouse isnt for everyone, however, Earl and I as a team really fit well together and have our flow down seamless. So, I either way you go, you definitely want two photographers for the wedding day.

Two wedding photographers
Image by Jeff Dose
Two wedding photographers
Two wedding photographers
Two wedding photographers
Two wedding photographers
Two wedding photographers
Two wedding photographers
Two wedding photographers

Two wedding photographers

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