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Looking for an engagement session infused with the Fall season? The colors, the crispness, the love?? Look no further! Sabrina and Erica’s Silverwood Park Engagement is one for the books – and the Pinterest boards!

We had so much fun capturing their story, exploring the Fall foliage, and playing with their pups Kali and Arlo. Take a stroll through the park with us to see more!

We love getting to shoot with our couples’ furry best friends! They bring an irreplaceable energy to our adventure sessions. 

Pro-tip: Bring a friend who can act as your animal ‘wrangler’ – that way, we can get all the good shots with the pups and then they can take your fur-babies safely home while we continue your adventure 🙂 


One of our favorite shots with the pups! Arlo was a total ham and loved the camera. 

Hands down one of our favorite shots of the day. The Fall foliage was crisp and vibrant – we caught Sabrina and Erica together in a frame of the season! 

silverwood park engagement

The first night Sabrina and Erica met (thanks to a faithful friend who insisted Sabrina talk with ‘the cute girl across the room’), they were inseparable and spent the whole night talking and getting to know each other. Then they exchanged phone numbers and the rest – as they say – is history! 

Erica proposed to Sabrina on a lovely Fall day in October at Aamodt’s Apple Orchard (so cute!), and gathered friends and family together to celebrate! 

If you’re looking for a great spot for Fall foliage, you can’t go wrong with a Silverwood Park engagement. This wonderfully maintained park is studded with massive old oak trees and offers gorgeous woods as well as lakeside shots overlooking Silver Lake. 

Pro-Tip: Silverwood is part of the Three Rivers Park District which requires a license for professional photographers to shoot there. Double check that your photographer has one if you’d like to take advantage of this gorgeous park!

After frolicking in the Fall foliage, Sabrina and Erica had a wardrobe change to celebrate their shared love of football and goofing around with each other! We think they could go pro. 


Sabrina and Erica’s Silverwood Park Engagement was a blast from start to finish, and we are so lucky to have captured their story – and Kali and Arlo’s adorable little faces!

We hope you enjoyed their walk in the park 🙂 If you’re curious about other awesome ideas for engagement session locales and themes, check out our blogs on Adventure Sessions here!

Now on to your next adventure!

Silverwood Park Engagement | Sabrina & Erica | Penny Photographics

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