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Today, we’d like to share with you Elizabeth and Kevin’s Cottage Winery and Vineyard wedding, one our most epic weddings! If you’re a sucker for a sweet romance, an amazing proposal, and the beauty and fantasy of a vineyard venue – this is the blog for you!

But first! Let’s let Elizabeth ‘set the stage for you’, as she says, with their super sweet proposal story in her own words. Prepare the tissues!

I have been going to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival every year with my parents since I was young. Very early into the relationship Kevin and I decided we needed to keep this tradition alive.

By late September of 2016, I was getting worried, we had yet to go to the festival and had no plans yet in which to go (I am a planner you see… Kevin, is more of a “go with the flow” type of guy). So I was extremely surprised when all of the sudden Kevin told me “let’s just go this weekend!” Little did I know, that there was a whole other plan in the works.

We arrived before the first cannon (the opening for the day), I was so thrilled because I had never been there early enough to see this opening of the gates and the cannon. In the blur of excitement, I never saw my parents nor my friends in the crowd, even though they all said I looked directly at them! As we sat down in the audience [of the Tortuga Twins show] I long ago had accepted the fact that I would NEVER be pulled on stage […] so let’s just say I was VERY surprised to be pulled up onto the stage for the Maid Marian role in their Robin Hood performance.

During this production, Robin Hood has to propose to Maid Marian […] so Robin Hood proposed and before I could say my line, Scaramouche (one of the Tortuga Twins) exclaimed: “is there anyone here who can make a better proposal than that?!” As soon as the words “is there anyone” came out of his mouth I knew what was happening and the waterworks started!

To be perfectly honest, I don’t even know what Kevin said when he “popped the big question” all I know is that after over four years of waiting I said YES! […] I would definitely give that proposal a standing, slightly muddy, ovation!

Kevin and Elizabeth shared notes before their ceremony, and the tears started to flow. 

They had their first look on the beautiful, vine-braided grounds – a perk of a Cottage Winery and Vineyard wedding 🙂 

Kevin practiced his sparring skills while Elizabeth and her dad shared a special moment! 

Proof that rain can’t ruin the mood! Dedicated to an outdoor ceremony, Elizabeth and Kevin enlisted umbrellas and wed in a rain shower 🙂 

One of our favorite shots of the day – the emotion in her father’s face is priceless! 

This shot was also one of our award winners of the year, thanks to Elizabeth and Kevin who allowed us to be a part of their big day and capture these special moments. Check out our blog on Awards Week, where we discuss the greatness that is our clients, and how they keep making us better! 

Elizabeth’s Maid of Honor held the umbrella over her head the entire ceremony – like a true BFF 🙂 

Bound together in love – rain or shine! 

Another perk of a Cottage Winery and Vineyard wedding? A Hobbit Hole! 

Cottage Winery and Vineyard Wedding hobbit hole

Do you want to cute your cake with a sword? DO IT!

Kevin kicked off the dance party by getting into his MOVES! 

Cottage Winery and Vineyard Wedding tent laughing   

Remember to keep your friends hydrated during hours of dancing! 


Hands down the best garter dance we’ve EVER witnessed! 


Cottage Winery and Vineyard Wedding night shot

At the end of the night, we stole Elizabeth and Kevin away for few shots out among the fairy lights, and they had a moment alone together. We’re so happy for this amazing couple, and we hope you enjoyed their epic party!

We’d also like to give a big thank you to all the wonderful people who helped make the magic happen!

Aerial Drone Photography/Videography: T-16 Studios
Cheesecakes: Catering by Design (Rochester, MN)
Catering: Carlos O’Kelly’s (Rochester,MN) & Denny’s (Menomonie, WI)
Floral Design: Jennifer Joyce Designs (Menomonie, WI)
DJ/Entertainment: Midwest Sound
Pianist: Michaela Gifford (Menomonie, WI)
Wedding Dress: Mestad’s Formal Wear (Rochester, MN)
Men’s Formal Wear: Savvi (Maple Grove, MN)
Bridesmaid’s Dresses: David’s Bridal

Cottage Winery and Vineyard Wedding | Elizabeth & Kevin | Penny Photographics


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