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A toast to Sara and Joel, may their hearts nor their cups never be empty!

When you are as big a fan of Minnesota craft beers as Sara and Joel, a Maple Island Brewery engagement in Stillwater (one of their favorite brewhouses) was a great place to start the perfect choice to kick off their adventure! A wise man once told me, “One of the best ways to celebrate an engagement is with a refreshing well-crafted brew.” The laid-back couple went on to show us what a night out for them would look like and we were taken in by the laughter, the Joel-vial smiles, the live music, and the perfect spring weather.


Sara and Joel maple island brewery engagement Sara and Joel Maple Island Brewing Adventure Sara and Joel Maple Island Brewing Sara and Joel maple island brewery engagement Sara and Joel maple island brewery engagement Sara and Joel Maple Island Brewing

Then it was off to Taylor Falls

We wrapped up their Maple Island Brewery engagement with some great shots and delicious drinks before setting out for Taylor Falls. As we trekked through the riverbank trail, Sara couldn’t contain her laughter. With an infectious smile, she giggled through the evening bringing out the playful mood in all of us.


Sara and Joel Taylor Falls Edit

Some pro tips from us

In a mission to educate people on the problem solving powers of a game called Ninja-Hunter-Bear, we showed Joel and Sara a simple way to settle disputes.


As the evening was wrapping up, we happened upon a fossilized sunset

Joel and Sara enjoyed each other’s company and took in the beauty of their surroundings. They had planned an amazing adventure and we were so happy to be a part of it! We After their Maple Island Brewery engagement, we can’t wait to be there for the wedding at Surly Brewery!

I told y’all, they like their Minnesota craft beers.

Sara and Joel Taylor Falls Adventure  Sara and Joel Taylor Falls Adventure


Update!  Check out their wedding here!

Maple Island Brewery Engagement | Sara & Joel | Penny Photographics

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