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We ended fall and a booming wedding season with a Boom Island engagement finale with fallen leaves and a winter chill in the air.

Dan and many other Vikings fans might remember this as the Sunday when the Vikings played against the Bills and Jefferson had one of the most iconic catches in NFL History, but alas, I remember this day as a day of hanging out with Dan and his lovely future wife Hayley and seeing how adorable they fit together.

Obviously our adventure sessions are filled with laughs and joy but Hayley has one of those giggles that you want to hear again and again. When you pair that with Dan’s sheepish smile and their clever banter together, it’s an adorable sight to see.

It’s a perk of the job to get to know a couple and then observe how well they fit together and become excited to see their wedding as a friend and not just a photographer.

So we strolled through their neighborhood park where they had taken so many walks and fell in love and tried to keep warm while Minnesota winter strolled in.

Afterwards we warmed up with some beers and boardgames to learn more about the two.

We ended the day with a wardrobe change into fancy date night clothes and set out to catch a night on the town vibe at Boom Island park. Their energy carried throughout the day and we are so excited to tell their wedding story next!

Boom Island engagement
Boom Island engagement
Boom Island engagement
Boom Island engagement

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Boom Island engagement

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