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A January winter wedding at the Union Depot St Paul both ended our 2023 season as well as kicked off wedding season 2024.

Corrinne and Caelan did the thing last week at the Union Depot St Paul. To describe these two as playful and sweet to each other would be easy but I think their proposal story actually does the best job of describing who they are as a couple.

In the couples words, “It all started with a dead fish… Caelan’s plan was to propose at our friend’s cabin, but the original date was canceled. We went up again over fathers day weekend. After a night of drinking and hanging out with our friends Cael decided he would propose that next morning down on the dock by the lake. It was a beautiful morning! I myself was very intent on cleaning up the cabin while everyone was sleeping. Cael was down at the dock hoping I would come down but I didn’t. I was attempting to pack our things and couldn’t find my car keys. I yelled down to the dock at Cael who said he had them, instead of going to grab them I went back inside to do more cleaning. By this time Cael was getting frustrated because he could not figure out how to get me down to the dock. He then saw our dogs playing with a dead fish in the water. He came up to the cabin and asked me if I wanted to see a dead fish that Lacey and Lylo had been playing with down by the dock and of course I said yes! So we went down to the dock and Cael was at the end (away from the dead fish) while I was at the top by the dead fish staring at it. He finally just grabbed by hand and told me to come to the end of the dock and he got on one knee, opened the box upside down and I said yes!”

Thus, their love story blossomed and was topped off on a cold winter Saturday inside the depot with the sunshine streaming in.

Playful and in love is the prefect blend and is definitely the perfect combo for a good marriage adventure. Cheers to the happy couple!

Checkout this Union Depot St Paul wedding from the past!

Union Depot St Paul

Union Depot St Paul

Union Depot St Paul

Union Depot St Paul

Union Depot St Paul

Union Depot St Paul

Union Depot St Paul

Union Depot St Paul

Union Depot St Paul

Union Depot St Paul

Thanks to the vendors!

Photography: PennyPhotographics

Venue: Union Depot

Coordinator: Katie+Co

Union Depot St Paul


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