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Today we get to share with you Allison and Bala’s Sri Venkateswara Temple wedding!

While Earl and I have captured Indian ceremony traditions infused into some of the weddings we’ve photographed, this was the first wedding that went full-on Indian ceremony so we were super stoked about it from the beginning. Not to mention, that Alison and Bala were super chill and relaxed, just how we like our couples! The amount of color, energy, tradition, and love throughout this Sri Venkateswara Temple wedding was such fun photography experience.

The priest did a great job at explaining things in English with light-hearted humor throughout the ceremony and Earl and I just took it all in trying our best to capture the authenticity of it all. Alison got to wear not one but three outfits for the day, all gorgeously vibrant and topped off with various jewels and accessories.

The Sri Venkateswara Temple in itself is a modest temple right in the city of Edina but after Bala and his friends/family constructed the beautiful alter on stage, (the day before no less!) the ceremony itself turned out beautiful and really added a touch of culture to it all. The day was long for sure, but the energy never left, spilling over into amazing bear hugs, belly laughs, and enthusiastic dance moves for sure!

When we asked Allison about how they met, she said:

“We met through mutual friends! I asked Bala to be my “date” on a double date with a friend (that wasn’t really a date) but we ended up going swing dancing before and really hitting it off! ” 


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Thanks to all the awesome vendors that helped make the magic happen!

Venue/Ceremony: Sri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple

Venue/Reception: Roseville Skating Center

DJ: Adrian Quilling of Ambient Entertainment

Caterer: Andy Papacosta of Gandhi Mahal Restaurant

Cake: Missy Vibar from Cafe Latte

Bar: Amber Swanson – Sterling Catering and Events

Sri Venkateswara Temple Wedding | Allison & Bala

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