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Planning for your engagement photos? Wondering where to go, what to wear, what’s it all about? We at Penny Photographics believe that engagement photos should be a reflection of what makes y’all you. They should tell your story and focus on your interests as a couple!

For adorable couple Jenna and Jake, that meant a nature and library engagement, focusing on reading and stolen moments together, on hiking and exploration. We started the day off at George Latimer Central Library – a free-to-shoot public library with cozy stacks and classical architecture. Then we made our way out into nature at Minnehaha to take in the green!

A library engagement was perfect for Jenna and Jake: “We are both big book nerds, so we love to read for fun together!” 

library engagement couple reading together

Jake and Jenna were set up through thoughtful coworkers and had their first date at the American Swedish Institute:

Our first date was June 10, 2016, which was coffee and then lunch at Fika at the American Swedish Institute. And now our wedding date is set for June 10, 2018 at ASI :)” 

We captured Jenna and Jake under the arches of the F. Scott Fitzgerald Reading Alcove – one of Jenna’s favorite authors!

Then it was time to head to the next stop in their adventure, but not before capturing their grand exit from their library engagement!

Minnehaha is the perfect place to snag a little nature next to the city, and for these two lovers of hiking, it was a great place to showcase an important piece of their life together.

Jenna and Jake showed off their playful sides in the woods – dancing and joking and adventuring like we weren’t even there! As photojournalist-style photographers, we love this approach! It’s all about your adventure and we’re just along for the ride 🙂

This was one of our last and favorite shots of the night. We had already “finished” for the evening when I laid eyes on this pavilion and was struck with inspiration. Jenna and Jake let me grab an extra shot and it was well worth it 🙂

Library Engagement romantic lighting shot

We loved adventuring with Jenna and Jake on their library engagement and nature hike, and we hope it inspired you as much as it did us! Don’t be afraid to embrace what makes you you as a couple and let your engagement photos reflect your awesomeness!

Let us know your favorite spots to snag a good book or go hiking in the comments below, and in the meantime, keep on adventuring!


As photographers, we count ourselves among the luckiest to have the trust of our clients in documenting their engagement adventures and wedding days. As you can imagine, reviews and word of mouth are the best way for us here at Penny Photographics to succeed and continue to book amazing couples like YOU. If you have time, could you please spend a few minutes and tell others about your experience with us?

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Library Engagement | Jenna & Jake | Penny Photographics

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